Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents

  • Sneaking Out After Dark
  • The Fairy and the Spellbook
  • Welcome to Another World
  • Meeting Old Father Oak
  • Entering Ding Dong Dell
  • An Audience With the King
  • King Tom’s New Lease of Life
  • Down in Ding Dong Well
  • Passing Through Golden Grove
  • The Majesty of Al Mamoon
  • The Brokenhearted Girl
  • Sage Advice
  • The Temple of Trials
  • Familiar Taming and Metamorphosis Training

    Welcome to Another World

    The first battle is upon Oliver and Drippy! Your first enemy is an angry Ruff.

    Welcome to the battle screen, where most of the challenges of the game will take place. For now, Oliver doesn’t have many options at his disposal, but you can see a few statistics in the bottom right corner of the screen.

    The green bar and number is Oliver’s health, while the blue bar is his magic. Later in the game, you’ll need to watch your health and magic bars carefully, which we’ll call HP and MP from now on.

    There are four options available to Ollie; Attack, Defend, Run Away, and Provisions. Those don’t matter yet, instead, press [X] to attack the Ruff.

    After pressing [X], Drippy will explain the basics of combat. For now, just look in the right corner for your enemy info. There’s a picture of the Ruff with a red bar. That’s the enemy’s health gauge. It doesn’t show the exact amount of health an enemy has, but you’ll have a good idea of how much damage you’re doing by watching the bar after an attack.

    Do just what Drippy says. Press [X] to choose Attack, then press [X] again to confirm your attack on Ruff. Normally, you’ll be able to choose between which enemy you’d like to attack.

    In combat, you can also move around! After attack the Ruff, a tiny green orb called a glim will drop out. Run into the glim to collect it. Green glims will restore your HP, while blue glims restore your MP. Nice, right? Collect them if your HP/MP are low in a fight.

    There are more ways to boost your HP/MP, like with items and spells, but you won’t have to worry about that for now.

    Attack the Ruff two more times to win the battle. A screen will appear, rewarding Oliver with Exp (Experience Points) and G (Money). Money can be used to buy items, while gaining enough Experience Points will allow Oliver to Level-Up, improving his HP/MP and more.

    Next, you’ll get a good look at Ni no Kuni’s huge Overworld. The Overworld is how you travel from place to place, but it’s also dangerous. Monsters can pop-out and attack at any time, so be prepared for a fight whenever you travel outside of towns.

    Don’t let monsters sneak up on you. If one runs into your back while you run away, they’ll have an advantage in combat. But! If you sneak up on an enemy and walk into their back, you’ll have them by surprise, giving Oliver a chance to attack first.

    Drippy will also give you 3 loaves of white bread. These items go into your Provisions menu. One use, and you’ll heal up.

    On the Overworld, look ahead. You can see a big castle in the distance. That’s Ding Dong Dell, and it’s where you need to go next. It’s a straight shot to the entrance, there’s nothing stopping you but a few monsters. Oh, and don’t forget to save! Always save whenever you’re about to go into danger.

    Before running down the hill, look left of the trees where you start. You’ll see some shiny sparkles. Get close and press [X] to collect ingredients. Ingredients are used for alchemy, so don’t worry about these items for now. We’ll learn about alchemy in a little bit.

    Run down the hill and onto the dirt path. Cross the stream with the bridge, and you’ll be on your way to Ding Dong Dell.

    At the entrance to the castle, you’ll find a guard whose heart has been broken by the evil Shadar. One of the main activities Ollie can take part in will be explained here. Many characters have broken hearts in this world, and Ollie can help them.

    You’ll have to mend this soldier’s broken heart to get inside Ding Dong Dell. To do that, you’ll need to speak with the Old Man of the Woods, hiding out in the Deep Dark Wood. No reason to stay here, leave by running through the red line on your mini map.

    Back in the Overworld, you can press [R1] to see a larger map of the world. Scroll the map up to find the gold Star. Quite a journey, you’ll need to pass through the plains west of the castle and travel through the narrow dirt path into the woods.

    Nothing to do but get going! Run south passed the bridge, and the whole world will be open to you. I’d suggest some exploring, but this early in the game, there’s not much use in it. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore later.

    You’ll see this area is called the Rolling Hills on the larger map. In the Overworld, you’ll be able to see little creatures wandering around. Most will leave you alone on your journey, but some want to fight.

    If a monster wants to fight, you’ll see a bright red exclamation point pop over their head. They’ll charge directly for you, but don’t panic. If you keep moving, you can dodge their charge – the monsters here will only run in a perfectly straight line.

    Avoid fighting too many enemies. You’ll want to keep your Provisions well stocked, and if you lose any health, it’ll continue to be low after the battle.

    The closer you get to the Dark Forest, the more monsters will try to attack. Save your healing items for when Oliver is very low on HP. One or two fights and Oliver will gain a level – gaining a level will fully restore your HP / MP.

    Pass the big rocky mountain with caves to find the entrance to the Deep Dark Wood. This will be your first dungeon, so pay attention! Things work a little different here.

    Inside dangerous dungeons, you won’t be able to save whenever you want. You’ll have to use Waystones. Drippy will introduce you to the glowing Waystone at the entrance of the Wood. Using these will also fully restore your HP / MP. Useful!

    Next to the Waystone is a weird sewer cover thing. Ignore it for now, you’ll be able to use it later. For now, give the Waystone a try.

    Now, you just need to follow Drippy deep into the forest. He’ll lead you down the left path at a fork, cross a stream, to find Old Father Oak.

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