Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents

  • Sneaking Out After Dark
  • The Fairy and the Spellbook
  • Welcome to Another World
  • Meeting Old Father Oak
  • Entering Ding Dong Dell
  • An Audience With the King
  • King Tom’s New Lease of Life
  • Down in Ding Dong Well
  • Passing Through Golden Grove
  • The Majesty of Al Mamoon
  • The Brokenhearted Girl
  • Sage Advice
  • The Temple of Trials
  • Familiar Taming and Metamorphosis Training

    Meeting Old Father Oak

    Now, it’s time to learn about Familiars. … well, it would be, but Oliver’s Spellbook is missing some important pages. Luckily, Old Father Oak will lend Oliver the page he needs.

    You now have the Form Familiar spell! When the Spellbook opens, select Form Familiar, under Gateway, and confirm it. In no time, you’ll be saying hello to your first Familiar.

    He goes by “Mitey”, but you can change it to whatever you like. You’ll be able to name all your Familiars.

    Before you leave, Old Father Oak will bestow more spells upon Oliver. You’ll get Healing Touch, and Fireball. A quick press of [Square] will open the Spells Menu.

    Healing Touch will heal, while Fireball is an attack spell. Fire works well on most things, but it will especially hurt plant-type creatures. Healing Touch can be use in and out of battle, while Fireball is a combat spell.

    Now, you’ll learn about fighting with Familiars in your party. You can choose who you want to control – your Mite, or Oliver. When you get more Familiars, you’ll have even more choices.

    Select your Mite Familiar, and you’ll be in control of the little guy. Under Oliver’s name in the top left corner, you’ll see a little picture of your Familiar. These little guys can only fight for so long, the longer they’re fighting, the lower their stamina gauge will go.

    There’s a lot more you’ll learn about Familiars, like Star Signs and Tricks. Star Signs are a bit complicated, there are four types, but we’ll go over those later.

    Tricks are like Spells your Familiars can use. They cost MP, but have special effects. They can do all sorts of things, so always read the description before using your Familiar’s Tricks.

    Don’t forget that Familiars also share Oliver’s HP and MP.

    Because Familiars lose stamina fast, they can’t stay in combat for too long. That means you’ll need to swap them out often. Just press [L1] to take your Familiar’s place in combat and give him time to rest.

    Now it’s time to fight! Your Familiar is actually quite a bit better at fighting than Oliver. Go ahead and use his Trick to dish out a good 7-8 damage on both enemies.

    You can just keep attacking. Focus on taking out one of the Teeny Boppers, then defeat the other. If it’s taking too long and you see your Mite’s stamina bar go very low, press [L1] to give him a rest.

    This is a fairly simple battle, so don’t sweat it yet! There will be challenges ahead, so it’s important just to understand the basics.

    After the fight, you’ll learn about the Creature Cages. Here, you can feed your Familiars special items called treats. Treats can increase abilities or give Familiars new tricks to play with. Always be on the look-out for treat.

    Feeding treats will also increase your familiarity with a Familiar. Improving familiarity provides even more benefits to your Familiars, so a steady diet of treats is a must for your favorite Familiars.

    Take a moment to look at your Mite in the Creature Cage. Press [Triangle] to find the cage in the Main Menu.

    Old Father Oak will offer the solution to the brokenhearted guard, but Oliver and company will need to defeat the Guardian first. He’s found past the Whispering Waterfalls.

    After the conversation, you’ll also gain a new Main Menu option – the Friends and Familiars menu. Here, you can check out the stats of other party members or familiars. Here, you can choose characters, and assign commands or equip them for battle. There’s none of that to do yet, though.

    Getting to the deepest part of the forest is quite a journey. I suggest returning to the entrance and saving now.

    Return to the fork in the path. Instead of taking the left path at the fork, turn right to be on your way to the Guardian.

    Down the right path, you’ll find a treasure chest. Grab it for a White Loaf of Bread. Through the cave, and under the tree you’ll arrive at the Whispering Waterfalls.

    This area is, like Drippy says, crawling with monsters! Be on your guard as you explore. There’s another Waystone at the entrance. Use it to save your game, and remember you can always return here to heal up and restore MP.

    Past the babbling brook, you’ll encounter another set of enemies. The Whippersnapper and the Spitoo. Most enemies here are some form of plant-type Familiar, meaning they’re vulnerable to your Fireball spell.

    The Teeny Bopper ahead is all alone. I’d suggest using your Familiar, and saving your MP here. When you’re outnumbered, that’s when you want to use Fireballs or Tricks to even the odds, but you’ll want to conserve MP resources against easier enemies.

    Luckily, you won’t need to heal much here. Oliver and his Mite will gain levels fast. Grab the chocolate bar in the treasure chest past the second stream.

    At the third stream, you’ll be able to continue forward or cross left. The way forward is a dead end, so cross the water and follow the path.

    Drippy will explain that you can assign new tricks in the Friends and Familiars menu. By now, the Mite may have gained some new tricks. Check him out. Press [Triangle] to open the Main Menu, select “Friends and Familiars”, then select your Mite and press [Triangle] again to open up his Tricks menu.

    There’s nothing new to assign yet, but you’ll gain something new when your Mite gets to Level 5, 10, and so on. Familiars can only remember eight Tricks at a time, so you’ll need to make your Familiar forget a Trick if he has too many. No need to worry about that now, the Mite won’t have that many Tricks for a very long time.

    This area opens up quite a bit. So don’t forget to explore. There are treasure chests littered all over the place, with lots of new monsters to run into around every corner.

    Tread down toward the waterfall, there’s a log you can use as a bridge to cross the gorge through a short cave. On the other side, you can refill your HP / MP and save at a Waystone.

    Be sure to save! The Guardian is just through this cave.

    BOSS: Guardian of the Woods

    This big ugly grassy foe is itching for a fight! First of all, he’s a plant-type creature, meaning he’s weak to Oliver’s Fireball spell. Keep that in mind during the fight.

    To fight this guy, select Oliver and stick to using your Fireballs. After three or so Fireball attacks, the Guardian will roar and prepare a big attack.

    When an enemy glows or flashes, you’ll know it’s preparing to launch a powerful ability. Select Defend before it finishes powering-up to minimize the damage you take.

    Defending against big powerful moves will also earn you a bonus. Blue and Green glims will pop out, so make sure to collect them!

    You’ll also notice that the Guardian will be left stunned for a few seconds after you’ve successfully defended. Don’t forget, you can cancel your Defend command right after the attack by pressing [Circle] to save yourself some time.

    Defend against the Guardian’s Windfall attack, then attack it while it’s stunned (The Narrator will state “Now it’s your chance!”) with a Fireball. If you’re successful, the Guardian will drop an even bigger bonus – a gold glim! These will fully restore your HP.

    Most bosses will share this weakness. Tough enemies can also be hurt this way – wait for a big attack, defend, then attack while they’re stunned to deal extra damage and receive big rewards. It’s all about fighting smarter, not harder!

    Grab the gold glim, and you’ll even unlock a special supercharged spell that’s extra powerful, and won’t cost any MP. Grab the gold glim, and use your Miracle Move to defeat the Guardian once and for all.

    Enjoy your well-earned levels. After the battle, Oliver will return to Old Father Oak. You’ll also gain the Telling Stone option for your Main Menu. It will tell you all about Drippy’s world.

    With the Locket in hand, the Take Heart spell, and the Give Heart spell, you can now return to Ding Dong Dell and mend the guard’s brokenheart.

    Don’t forget, Old Father Oak loves hearing about your adventures. As you progress in the game, return to talk with Old Father Oak periodically. If you’ve completed any cool tasks, or reaching a milestone, he’ll often reward you for telling him all about the adventure.

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