Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents

  • Sneaking Out After Dark
  • The Fairy and the Spellbook
  • Welcome to Another World
  • Meeting Old Father Oak
  • Entering Ding Dong Dell
  • An Audience With the King
  • King Tom’s New Lease of Life
  • Down in Ding Dong Well
  • Passing Through Golden Grove
  • The Majesty of Al Mamoon
  • The Brokenhearted Girl
  • Sage Advice
  • The Temple of Trials
  • Familiar Taming and Metamorphosis Training

    Down in Ding Dong Well

    What’s this? Tommy Stout has his own familiar. But, he can’t order it around – so he gives it to you. Go ahead and name the little monkey.

    This Familiar, a thumbelemur, can Psyche Up. When he’s fully psyched up, he’ll go wild and attack longer for more damage.

    Drippy will give another combat tip too – move canceling. If you attack an enemy while it prepares a new ability, you can cancel it, stopping the ability in its tracks. But beware, the same can happen to you or your familiars.

    Check out the thumbelemur. He’s only level 1, but he’s not too bad. Instead of Defend, he has the Psyche Up command.

    Now it’s time to head down the steps to enter the well to rescue King Tom. Before you go, you might want to return to the Weapon Store to pick up a wooden sword or shield for your mite, or maybe an item for your new thumbelemur.

    In the item store, when you move the cursor over an item, you’ll be able to see which items can be equipped to which characters. The swords can be equipped by your mite, but any armor other than a shield cannot be equipped. Always look and see how it improves your numbers, and if your familiar can use the item, before buying anything.

    Back at the gate to the well, you’ll find the door is locked. No problem, open your Spellbook with [Square] and select Spring Lock.

    There are four types of locked chests, but Spring Lock can only open Blue Chests. Any other kinds, you’ll have to wait until later to unlock.

    Nothing’s stopping you now. Go ahead into the Ding Dong Well.

    There’s a battle just as you enter the Ding Dong Well. The Rabbot and Taddlywink are a common enemy. Now, you can switch between Familiars in combat. It might be a good idea to leave your thumbelemur out of combat until it can gain a few levels. Whether they fight or not, everyone gets XP.

    The Well might be your first real challenge. The enemies here are tough, so remember to heal often between fights.

    For a bonus treasure chest with Iced Coffee, turn right past another wandering Rabbot and run across the shallow water to a slightly hidden corner.

    When fighting the team of Rabbot and Taddlywink, try to defeat the Taddlywink first. It’s magic water attack can be damaging and tough to defend against.

    The Naja have a scary poison burst attack. As long as you aren’t standing in front of them, you’ll escape the poison gas. These enemies also tend to appear alone, making them easier to handle in a one-on-one fight.

    Further through the well, you’ll find a chamber through a set of purple double doors. There’s a statue of King Tomb, with three pedestals around him. Open your Spellbook and select Fireball. Quickly use the spell on all three pedestals to light all three flames. Hurry, because they’ll go out after a little bit!

    If you light all three, the door will open, creating a nifty shortcut through the dungeon. Turn right through the open doors to continue deeper into the well, or turn left to deal with an enemy and collect an Iced Coffee in a treasure chest.

    Ahead, you’ll find a large room with a pedestal. Another one to light with a fireball, but shouldn’t there be two other pedestals? Don’t light this one yet, instead continue along, jump across the posts to find another pedestal across the water, and then a third pedestal under a large statue in the next room over.

    There’s no way to light them fast enough if you start at the first pedestal. Instead, light the second pedestal in the hallway, then the third pedestal under the statue, then climb the steps left of the statue and jump down to reach the first pedestal and light it. Be snappy!

    If you light them fast enough, the gate to your right will open. Down the steps, you’ll get closer to the King.

    In the lower sewers, you’ll face off against a new monster, the danglerfish. These big brutes are slow, making them a good target for your thumbelemur’s Psyche Up ability. Give it a try once he’s leveled up to Level 5 or so.

    The thumbelemur’s quick attack speed is great for interrupting the danglerfish’s slow attacks.

    At the end of the lower sewers, you’ll finally find a waystone to save. Get yourself up the steps to find King Tom captured by a giant nefarious purple rat, just like Drippy thought!

    BOSS: Hickory Dock

    This guy is fast, and before long you’ll be struggling to keep up. His wide attacks can send your familiars flying fast, so stay back!

    Before long, the giant rat will use a special ability called Tailspin. It’ll confuse and stun Oliver and your mite, but the thumbelemur is immune! Whenever you see the boss charge up, switch to thumbelemur and attack.

    After a Tailspin, the boss will try to use his wand to charge up a different attack. It just explodes in his face and knock the rat on it’s back. This is your chance! Keep a Psyche Up saved for this moment so you can unleash your Go Wild attack and really hurt the boss. But, any old attack will do.

    The trick to this fight is just keeping far away from Hickory Dock while he tries to attack. He’s fast and powerful in a fight. Instead, stay away with Oliver, switch to your thumbelemur when he charges Tailspin, then attack with a familiar or spells while the boss is stunned on its back.

    It’s important you throw some Fireballs of your own later in the fight. Eventually, Hickory’s fireball blast will only fizzle sometimes. When he jumps back, Defend or be prepared to take a lot of damage.

    Use healing bread or magic to keep your HP above 20 during this fight. Any lower, and one hit from those fireballs can end the battle.

    Play carefully, and you’ll have this fight in the bag.

    With that, King Tom is saved and the wand is your’s. You’ll also gain the Frostbite spell, and learn your next objective. It’s time to travel to the city of Al Mamoon, off in the desert to garner the aid of the powerful Sages.

    You’re on your own now. It’s time to pass through the Golden Grove, south of Ding Dong Dell, and enter the deserts of Al Mamoon.

    Before you leave the city, you might notice some green glowing dots on your mini map. You can collect virtues of the heart from these characters which will mend broken hearts. If you look carefully, some of the blue dots are glowing as well. These characters will give you side-quests. Speak with them to accept little jobs that will earn you merit stamps.

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