Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Battle Ship

    1. When you drop in, you’ll be told that you’ll have to knock out their defense while on the attack. You’ll have a wave of enemies to fight on the deck. You’ll be able to take advantage of cinematic attacks quite a bit when you get close enough to the enemies. Just wait until you’re prompted.
    2. Enjoy the cutscene. Disabling the bow unit, check. But, you still have more work to do.
    3. Fight through the next wave of enemies and head up the stairs. Slash at the cannon and use your bow to aim across so that you can hit the other targets that are elevated.
    4. As you move along on the battleship, keep a constant eye out for enemies hanging in the air and shooting you. I know you’ll have a lot of them to deal with on the ground, but you’re going to be target from all sides during this sequence. There’s no real offensive strategy for this bit. It’s more of a game of endurance. Watch your health and try to take out enemies with your bow from a distance for easy kills.
    5. Move along the ship as you take out the different weapon systems. Once there is only one left, you will get a message saying so. The very last one is located at the highest point of the battleship. Use the Kunai Climb along to sequential walls to get up there.
    6. Once you reach the top, use the eagle to save your game. Ship’s sinking now, so it’s time to get off.
    7. Glide your way to the ship across and take out their weapon systems in a similar fashion. Watch for the cinematic prompt before you land on the ship. There will be a huge wave of enemies to fight here. They increase in numbers as we progress. It’s a fact of life :[.
    8. Once you go through the fighting, Kunai Climb the metallic wall in front of you and proceed through the doorway You’ll meet a couple more of the enemies in the white suits on your way. You will be able to find one of the harder weapon systems through here.
    9. Once again, you will be prompted when you only have one weapon system left to destroy. Much like last time, it is located at the highest point of the ship. Kunai Climb your way up the next wall, save your game with the falcon, and scale the wall one more time to reach it. It seems that you’ve upset them quite a bit by disabling it.
    10. You will once again find yourself engaged in a battle on top of the aircraft. Unfortunately, there is nothing new introduced here (or any other battle sequences as this game progresses for that matter…). Take out the part that’s firing at you and glide your way back down.
    11. After the next cutscene,the ship starts to capsize like the titanic. Use L1 and R1 to scale the wall of the ship, and jump up the parallel walls to your left after you do.
    12. Grab onto the rope and alternate between L1 and R1 to move across it. Jump up another sequence of parallel walls and use your bow to take out the helicopter at the top.
    13. After you scale the next wall, you will be able to save your game. Afterwards, go ahead and glide down to your next battle- an iron clad that resembles a giant mechanical spider.
    14. This next battle is a tough one because this machine has a bunch of different ways it can attack you. It shoots you with bullets, strikes at you, sends projectiles that go up high into the air, and shoots shockwaves through the ground. Keep attacking it and you will strip it away to its core.
    15. The real boss battle begins after you beat the clad. This dragon robot is going to be pretty difficult. Its first attack to watch out for is the punch that its sends to the ground to create shockwaves. Keep your distance from it while it does this or it will kill you fairly quickly. When you have an opening, approach it and you will be able to deal damage via cinematic action prompts.
    16. After the first phase, the robot will transform and fly up into the air. You will now have to use your bow to target it from the ground. It will send lines of lasers shooting at you. Get in between two of the lasers and stand absolutely still to dodge this attack.
    17. Next, the dragon robot will come at you with a circular saw duo. Allow the robot to get close to you and side step it at the last second. As soon as you dodge the attack, pull out your bow and target the red areas. This will be the end of the dragon robot.
    18. After the next cutscene, you’ll be forced to face more enemies as you proceed along the interior of the ship. After the next cutscene, walk down the shifting blue hallway. You will reach another cutscene with your buddy in red. As always, a battle is to follow. Hayabusa cuts off half of his mask, and then all dramatic hell breaks lose. The next cutscene will probably answer some of the questions you have about what’s been happening in this game. Your game will save and you will transition into another cutscene. This is a good juncture in the game to take a popcorn break.

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    On March 16, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    I hope mitch will play through this game on Hard ^^


    On March 18, 2012 at 2:13 am

    @ genshin – On hard?? I just hope Mitch plays through this game! :D . Mad props Gamefront walkthroughs team :D :D