Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough

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  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Tokyo

    1. You will have to fight a -giant iron spider whatever you want to call it clad- as soon as you drop in. Watch out for the shockwaves it sends through the ground. Following that, dispose of the enemies and proceed forward down the path. Make sure to not forget to use your bow- there are enemies hiding in elevated areas.
    2. After the short cutscene, move directly north and you’ll quickly encounter another wave of enemies. Keep grinding until you are able to Kunai Climb a wall for the next cutscene.
    3. Go up the path towards the burning rubble and make sure not to miss the Square cinematic sequence when prompted. You will need to do this when you are tackled to the ground by an enemy. Directly after this sequence, pull out your bow and begin to shoot the next wave of enemies from a distance for quick kills.
    4. Keep moving straight up past the purple lights and burning piles of debris. Eventually, you will come up to a cutscene with Myuramasa.
    5. Throughout the next sequence, you will be driven in a car and will have to arch your enemies. Listen to your allies, as they will inform you as to whether the enemies are coming to your right to your left, or behind you.
    6. Once you are off. slowly make your way past the cars and watch the next cutscene.
    7. Your boss battle against Cliff will start off with him shooting energy balls at you very rapidly. Immediately make a sharp turn to the right. Once he stops, you will be able to land some hits in. Be very calculated about when you get close to him- if he is in the middle of moving, chances are you’re going to be the one taking damage.
    8. The battle will get progressively harder, as you will have more enemies to deal with and a laser to avoid being hit by. Keep constantly in motion but do not let Cliff out of your sight. That laser will deal much more damage than the smaller enemies.
    9. After the Cliff battle, watch the dramatic cutscene. You’ll have another wave of enemies to get through. Make your way down the path and ip towards the area by the fence. Clear the enemies here and Kunai Climb the next wall.
    10. Hayabusa will sense that Canna is close. There will be another cutscene, and finally, you will have to face off against Canna’s father. He is a tough fight because he moves so fast, but doesn’t last long, so you don’t have to worry about your health running out as much.
    11. In your final fight, you will have to be dodging several attacks at once. The purple balls of energy will come from above and in front of you. The boss will also hammer its fist into the ground and swipe across. You are going to once again have to be constantly on the move. Jump when it swipes and be patient. Once it stops moving and suns itself, approach it and attack it. The final cutscene is an enjoyable one. Congratulations on beating Ninja Gaiden 3!

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    2 Comments on Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough


    On March 16, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    I hope mitch will play through this game on Hard ^^


    On March 18, 2012 at 2:13 am

    @ genshin – On hard?? I just hope Mitch plays through this game! :D . Mad props Gamefront walkthroughs team :D :D