Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Deserted City

    1. Watch the opening cutscene and you will receive a bow. This is going to be your key for getting through a lot of areas.
    2. Immediately upon entry you will be ambushed by a wave of enemies. As the tutorial prompts you, use your bow to aim up and find the enemies that are hiding in the elevated areas.
    3. Once the enemies on the motorcycles appear, you will have to make sure you try to keep them all within your sight. They move quickly so make sure you don’t stay still either.
    4. There will be another cutscene here, followed by (you guessed it) yet another wave of enemies. Most of these guys will be fought on the ground. Take advantage of the cinematic action commands as they pop up on the screen for easy kills.
    5. Go along the path and hit the save point, and now the real fun of the level will begin. Keep moving forward and you will get the tutorial to do a wall run. Performing one successfully will earn you the Wall Run trophy.
    6. You’re going to have a bunch more guys to fight here. Use a combination of your ground combat and your bow to take them out. For best efficiency, try to crowd all the ground enemies as close to you as possible.
    7. Kunai Climb your way up to the opening, dispatch of the few enemies inside and glide down. More fighting ensues here. Unleash your flame attacks when your gauge builds up.
    8. Once the guys on the motorcycles come out, jump up in the air and you will be able to quickly aim at the enemies. Do this to ensure accuracy and you’ll take them out quickly.
    9. Keep moving along your path, using X to jump when you are swinging on the hanging bars. You will soon reach another save point.
    10. Once you break into the hallway, you’ll have a good amount of enemies to fight again. Since the path is narrow, this time I would suggest creating as much distance between the enemies as possible. Fighting them one at a time gives you the best advantage in this area.
    11. Once you reach the outside, be prepared for a quick cinematic action sequence- you will be ambushed and will need to dodge an attack.
    12. After the fight, sense your path and you will be able to perform a couple of Kunai Climbs to get yourself up to an area that’s elevated. You will be shot at.. just keep going as quickly as possible. You will eventually drop down to the dome.
    13. As you move along the path, Hayabusa will hear some pretty creepy music from inside. When you reach the area with the bar stools, be prepared for another flock of enemies. Using your speed in the big open room here is key.
    14. After that fight, it seems like your allies finally know where you are. Just a little up ahead, you will engage in a fight with a helicopter. Use your bow to shoot it down.
    15. Keep moving forward and slide under the small space. You will have to use your bow in this upcoming area to target the helicopter some more. Keep moving and jump often to dodge the helicopter’s gunfire. Once you are up in the air, shoot.
    16. After the battle, you will reach a save point. Head inside the monorail after saving your game.
    17. Something’s definitely wrong with this monorail. Oh, no one’s driving it. Well, the ceiling gets blown off, and all hell breaks lose. Use your bow to shoot at the enemies that you can’t reach. After the sequence, you will earn the Mind the Gap Trophy.
    18. You will be jumped by a group of enemies once you head inside. After the battle, watch the cutscene. Taking the elevator was not a good idea.
    19. Save your game once you exit out of the elevator. Keep moving along the raised path until you run into a familiar face. Enjoy the cutscene.
    20. After the cutscene, you will have some pretty massive aircraft to fight. In the first part of the battle, aim for the wings. See the area where all of the firepower is coming from? That’s your target. Use your bow.
    21. Once you glide on top of the aircraft, you will have to take out the giant thing that is shooting you. It will attack you in waves, so take the opportunity in the pauses in between to hit them.
    22. This battle will drag on for a bit, with seemingly more and more airborne enemies to deal with. Keep shooting the same area of the wings of the planes that circle you.
    23. After the battle, enjoy the lengthy cutscene and the Bumpy Ride Trophy.

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    On March 16, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    I hope mitch will play through this game on Hard ^^


    On March 18, 2012 at 2:13 am

    @ genshin – On hard?? I just hope Mitch plays through this game! :D . Mad props Gamefront walkthroughs team :D :D