Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Abysmo Island

    1. As soon as you drop in, watch for the Triangle cinematic prompt and get a head start on taking out your first wave of enemies.
    2. The battles here are quite similar, unfortunately. Keep your distance in the clearing and fight the enemies one at a time.
    3. Move along the path and dispose of all the creepy bugs along the way. They have relatively low HP but are quite a nuisance in numbers.
    4. Once you reach the net clearing and clear the enemies, go up the stairs of the structure. You will have some more people to fight here. Take extra care to watch out for the assailants with the launchers over their shoulders. Those deal a hefty amount of damage if you get it.
    5. You can find a savepoint by the sandbags. After that, kick open the gate and head down the stairs.
    6. Jump on to the truck when prompted by the tutorial. Grab on to the back of it and watch the cutscene introducing you to LOA.
    7. There will be another big wave of enemies and another cutscene for you to burn through. Afterwards, you will have to RUN. Mash your control pad and be careful- you will have to slide under small spaces and jump over burning debris at a moments notice.
    8. You will have more fighting to do. Remember that bow you got last level? Well, it’s going to continue to be very useful in disposing of the helicopter you are about to face.
    9. After the battle, Kunnai Climb your way through the opening and move through the cavern. There will be a few men flying in that you’ll have to kill. Afterwards, look up and your next destination will be highlighted.
    10. Use the Kunnai Climb to scale the wall and save your game. This part of the cavern gets progressively darker. You won’t progress for too long before breaking through the floor.
    11. Continue disposing of the enemies in the dark. You will have to arch the balls on the ceiling to progress, and they will turn into a bunch of tiny annoying bugs that you will have to kill.
    12. Once you reach the glowing parallel walls, bounce back and forth in between them to make your way up. Continue along the slightly lit path. Even when you can’t see, you’ll be able to hear pretty well how many disgusting bugs are around you. Keep disposing of them. Easy pickings!
    13. You will reach another set of glowing parallel walls. Once you make your way up those, Kunai Climb the next wall and you will be in a more industrial part of the level.
    14. Use your bow to take out the enemies on the other side of the walkway and your ground combat for everyone in your direct vicinity. Keep moving along the path and up the stairs.
    15. Once you reach the rope, hold L1 and R1 to grab it and alternate between the two buttons to cross it. You will earn the Rope Crossing Trophy.
    16. The next wave of enemies can be dealt with similarly to the first one. Use your bow to shoot enemies across the circular walkway and use your quick hits for the ones nearby.
    17. Climb across the next rope as quickly as you can. Once on the other side, use your bow and your aircraft fighting experience to dispose of the helicopter.
    18. After the next wave of enemies, Kunai Climb your way up to the top and glide on down to the lab.

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    2 Comments on Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough


    On March 16, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    I hope mitch will play through this game on Hard ^^


    On March 18, 2012 at 2:13 am

    @ genshin – On hard?? I just hope Mitch plays through this game! :D . Mad props Gamefront walkthroughs team :D :D