Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Abysmo Island: Part 2

    1. Take advantage of the cinematic action prompts as you are gliding down to get a head start on disposing of the enemies around you.
    2. After fighting off the enemies at the entrance, head inside the lab and you will immediately be ambushed again. This is another battle where you will be shot at from several directions. It is imperative that you keep moving so as to not get hit.
    3. Proceed up the stairs, through the doors, and down the hallway. Dispose of the creatures as you move along the straight path.
    4. Keep a left at the fork in the road, sensing your path if you get lost.
    5. At the end of the path, you will run into that same familiar face again. Watch the cutscene and prepare for battle.
    6. This dinosaur is by far going to be your toughest fight yet. It’s tail whip is killer, but it telegraphs the attack. You will have to watch for it.. the dinosaur will turn its back to you and stay still for a split second. This means BE READY TO JUMP. Otherwise, keep your distance from it and arch it. Once you stun it and it is on the ground, approach it up close and use your sword to deal damage. Be sure to take full advantage of the cinematic action sequence by pressing Triangle when it pops up. Follow these guidelines, and you should be just fine.
    7. After the first part of the battle, you will find yourself running away from a bunch of flames and the very same angry dinosaur. Once the dinosaur stops and you see the prompt, use the bow to attack him in the area around his mouth.
    8. The last part of the battle is fairly similar to the first one, except now the dinosaur is going to try to headbutt you. This is significantly easier to dodge than the tail whip. As soon as you see the dinosaur lower its head, just move away at a sharp angle.
    9. In a similar way to the beginning of the fight, arch the dinosaur in the head area while it is up and use your sword to deal heavier damage when it is stunned on the floor.
    10. The cutscene after the battle is very rewarding. Looks like the story is getting interesting.. ish.
    11. There will be a cutscene following the cutscene. After that, you wil fighting yourself in a pretty surreal environment fighting a huge number of enemies. As difficult as you think this battle might be, if you try to keep to fighting the enemies one at a time, there is now way for you to take in heavy damage.
    12. There will be a number of more enemies once you glide down onto the first rooftop. The insidious dialogue in the background isn’t helping lighten the mood, either.
    13. Once you are down there, glide all the way down to the bottom and you’ll end up in a familiar area. You can take this opportunity to save your game.
    14. Go inside the house and you will end up having to fight your best buddy again after a short cutscene. He’s a much tougher customer this time around. However, the fight is also much shorter this time and soon enough you will find yourself moving down the lab path again.
    15. Grab onto the bars, swing on them, and press X to jump off of them to move through the lab. Once you are on the other side, you will have a wave of basic lab enemies to deal with. Use your bow and you can get rid of the ones on the elevated platform very easily.
    16. Move along the walkway and arch the enemies that are out of reach in the air around you. There will be a large number of lab fighters jumping out from behind the wall and you will, unfortunately, need to dispose of all of them.
    17. After you pay your dues in battle, the bridge will collapse and you will need to escale a wall to get yourself back up. When you see an enemy look at you over the edge, press Square to throw a dagger.
    18. Looks like you’re close to getting to where you need to be. Everyone’s panicking, so you must be doing something right, yeah? Keep moving down through the hallway and through the double automatic doors into the room with the blue floor.
    19. You will have to do a bit more fighting in here. The enemy is a different type byt you dispose of them the exact same way. No need to use your bow in here.. your sword will deal all the close range damage you need.
    20. After the first wave of enemies, a couple of the carcasses of those.. “things” you killed will transform into something significantly more intimidating. I definitely would consider this a boss battle. If you isolate and attack one of them at a time, this battle becomes much more manageable.
    21. Keep fighting until you are broken through to the room with the green floor. This lab is relentless, isn’t it? No turning back now. Your gauge should be going up fairly quickly since you’ve been doing so much fighting. Take advantage of your special attacks.
    22. After the battle, proceed ahead, execute a wall run, and Kunai Climb your way to the next area. Press L1 and R1 to grab onto the rope and use it to climb across.
    23. Fight off the enemies after you cross. You should be hearing the intercom freaking out and yelling “Emergency!” Keep grinding your way through and moving along the path, hitting the wall run and dropping into another wave of enemies.
    24. After your next wall run, you will find a save point. Past the save point, you will hear someone shouting for help.
    25. Proceed through the double doors and you will be forced to face a bunch more of the same enemies. The voice over the intercom is going to get progressively more and more tense. Once you hear her talking about denying you access to the lower level, you will know that you’re coming up on your hardest sequence of enemies. At this point, attack with everything you’ve got. The strategy here is to kill them as quickly as you can before they have time to finish you off.
    26. Go through the large main door and you will reach a save point. After that, you’ll be rewarded with another cutscene as the story continues to create more questions than answers.
    27. You wil have plenty of more fighting to do in the next circular room. The thing to watch for here is the enemies that are able to teleport. Keep a sharp awareness, as they tend to appear behind you and strike you at a second’s notice. If you’re aware that they do this though, you can move away as they appear behind you.
    28. There is only one straight path to take with this hallway at this point. Make a left and a right and you will have another cutscene as Hayabusa finds Canna.
    29. After the cutscene, press L1 to carry Canna. You will see another brief cutscene. Finally, we can identify a face to that menacing intercom voice.
    30. Use the cinematic action sequences to kill the enemies as you approach them while carrying Canna. Down the hallway, you will witness another cutscene. This time, we get to see the egg of a God.
    31. Your next boss battle is, apparently, against the prototype of a God. Not very encouraging, is it? Well, this thing moves very quickly while it is attacking or dodging, but it does exhibit lapses where it leaves itself open. These lapses are very quick and you will need to watch carefully for them. It’s not advisable to try attacking this thing if it doesn’t have it’s guard down. When it is in motion, it is extremely difficult to outmaneuver.
    32. After the battle, enjoy the ending of the level. Congratulations on having completed the lengthy lab saga!

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    On March 16, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    I hope mitch will play through this game on Hard ^^


    On March 18, 2012 at 2:13 am

    @ genshin – On hard?? I just hope Mitch plays through this game! :D . Mad props Gamefront walkthroughs team :D :D