Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Video Walkthrough W/ Mitch
  • Hayabusa Village

    1. You will get quite a long and revealing cutscene before this level begins. As per usual, you will be ambushed by a pretty huge swarm of enemies as soon as you drop in. These ones are very easy and have low HP… use your quickest attacks for best efficiency.
    2. Proceed straight through the cavern and slide down the hill. Move straight along the path, disposing of the ever pestering monsters.
    3. At the base of the bridge, you will be surrounded by monsters and will need to keep yourself away from corners. Make sure there is as much space around you as possible and quickly maneuver between enemies, slashing them as you go.
    4. Use L1 and R1 to grab a hold of the rope on the bridge and climb across it.
    5. Scale the wall, but make sure to use the directional pad to move as directed. You will have to do this to avoid climbing into the fire.
    6. Go along the path and slide underneath the tree trunk and you will reach a clearing where you will have to do much more fighting. Here, use your bow to shoot down enemies that are far from you as you’re dodging the hits from the enemies near you. Once the enemies near you are done striking, put your bow away and take them out with your sword.
    7. Move along the path and pay attention to when the rock collapses. You will need to act quickly to dodge it with the cinematic action prompt on the screen, and then another battle with a group of enemies ensues.
    8. Move past the area on fire and up the path. You will be very injured. Keep moving forward as Hayabusa begins to crawl. At the end of the path, you can observe another cutscene.
    9. After the cutscene, you will be able to practice your arching a little. Once you gain control of Hayabusa, head to the left and make a right at the end of the path. You will run into Genjiro for a cutscene.
    10. Press L1 when prompted by the cinematic action sequence and watch Hayabusa be ambushed by one of his little students.. to no avail of course. Continue to walk up the path and you will hit a save point.
    11. Follow your new companion up the path. You will run into some enemies, but she’s here to help now, and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty sweet. Makes these battles much less tedious. Momiji even compliments you!
    12. Move through the water and towards the waterfalls as you dispose of enemies. Momiji will clear a path for you and you’ll reach your next save point. Proceed up the path further and into the clearing for another fight.
    13. Momiji is going to bust some pretty interesting sorcery throughout the battle. After it is over, watch the cutscene and mash the Square button when prompted to.
    14. You see that giant thing in front of you? You are going to have to climb on top of it and destroy all the glowing orb type things. Actually, they look more like pimples. In either case, the semi circular things coming out of the ground need to go.
    15. Once the next sequence of the battle begins and you are on top of the giant boss, you will have to fight another wave of enemies. The boss will then begin to shoot purple balls of energy around. Take care to make sure and dodge these.
    16. Once the tentacles pop out of the ground, approach them and press Square to deal more damage. You will be guided into another cinematic action sequence after that to end the battle.
    17. After the battle, treat yourself to a cutscene and a The Karma of A Shinobi Trophy. I lied. Two cutscenes. Because there’s another one after you get the trophy!

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    2 Comments on Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough


    On March 16, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    I hope mitch will play through this game on Hard ^^


    On March 18, 2012 at 2:13 am

    @ genshin – On hard?? I just hope Mitch plays through this game! :D . Mad props Gamefront walkthroughs team :D :D