Nintendo: 3DS Might Negatively Impact Kids’ Eye Growth

Video games might not rot your brain, but experts are a little worried 3D could rot your eyes. Okay, rot’s a strong word, and it’s not your actual eyes so much as your brain again.

But that’s why Nintendo is getting ahead of any rotten eye or brain lawsuits now — the company just released a warning on its website ahead of the handheld’s Japanese release in February, according to the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ has pinged the translation of the warning as such:

“For children under the age of six, looking at 3D images for a long time could possibly have a negative impact on the growth of their eyes.”

That might not necessarily be the case — there hasn’t really been any research on the subject of what stereoscopic images like the ones the 3DS and other 3D technologies can actually do to your eyes. But they do have the tendency to make some people feel a little woozy or cause headaches (kind of like first-person viewpoint games and movies), and nobody wants to take any chances.

Nintendo’s not the only company covering its a– on 3D, though. Sony has a similar disclaimer for its 3D technology, which the company is banking on being the next big thing in TV.

Stereoscopic imagery can’t actually damage your brain or your eyeballs, but the trouble, as Ars Technica puts it, is that the brain’s visual system learns by doing. The 3DS and similar technologies basically trick your brain into thinking it’s looking at a 3D image by manipulating what each eye sees — t00 much exposure, some people fear, and the brain’s visual system will start to adapt, uh…funny.

Anyway, there’s no reason to think your eyes will fall out of your head from playing too much 3DS, even if you are six years old. Hopefully parents take note of that part of the story as well, so the 3DS doesn’t rot on shelves. If a proper library of good games means a few kids lose the ability to see, I say that’s a worthy trade*.

Via Ars Technica.

*Dear Internet: That was a joke. We all know the world would be better served if little kids would lose their tongues so they shut up once in a while. They need their eyes to avoid walking into me whenever I go into Target. And no, I’m not too old to be hanging out in the toy section.

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2 Comments on Nintendo: 3DS Might Negatively Impact Kids’ Eye Growth


On December 31, 2010 at 1:10 am

No one is too old to go to the toy section at Toys R us.

Still getting a 3DS anyway. Besides you can turn it off? whats the problem?

maybe make sure its off if the child is under age or something with parental block ect ect…(if nintendo does that feature)


On January 1, 2011 at 9:31 pm

Why buy one of those when you can get a PSP Go? I just don’t understand why the DS is so popular. It has crappy games(in my opinion)and it doesn’t have as many features as the PSP Go, so why do people buy it to play a bunch of bad games. Just makes no sense to me. I’ve been a Rebel of Nintendo ever since the Nintendo 64 and I will keep going till I guess the end of my life because Nintendo is not making any games I would give a crap about playing. IF they went back in time and decided to stick with the SNES for 3-5 more years back then I would have loved the guys, but no you made me a Playstation guy cause you ed over Sony and I really thank Nintendo for building more Mario crap than they can handle. Great Job Nintendo your making people play dumb-ass games on your Japanese Ding Dong and I bet the CEOs are just laughing their asses off because they are saying “hahaha we made people play on a system called the Wii, and the world will never understand why HAHAHAHA”. Ya great job Nintendo. If your going to get a hand-held device get a PSP Go don’t settle with a peace of crap that only plays what some people think are games. I’m sorry for pissing off Nintendo fans but I just had to get that out of my system. PC gaming might going the same way here soon with that NEW OS, awesome! Anyways I hope this system fails just like the rest of Nintendo that teach kids the nice jerk off motion, and trust me I’ve seen those commercials where kids and Parents are doing it TOGETHER in a living room…seriously? Nintendo just keep it up your doing a great job of messing with people’s kids! I’m sorry but that’s how I feel Nintendo fans if you hate me for this post I don’t care, something needs to be said about this Nintendo craze and I’ll take the heat for it.