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Nintendo E3 2009 Press Event – with Liveblog at 12pm EDT

nintendoe3_logoNintendo is rolling out its E3 2009 line at noon today. Yes videogames have come up in the world of entertainment, dominating movie and music. Nintendo promises a new leap forward in game control and several new Mario adventures to go with. The Nintendo team is adding more hard core game s to it’s line-up including some developed in house. Keep up with all latest here.

12:06 EST – Nintendo announces Super Mario Bros.Wii, a multiplayer platformer for up to four friends who can play cooperatively or use the buddy system. Throw your buddy at the baddies or in the pit.

12:15 EST – Introducing Wii Balance Board as a new platform. Wii Fit Plus introduces 15 new balance games including  juggling, skateboarding and Perfect Ten, an unholy union of balance game and Brain Age for your bum. It’s comes bundled or as a stand alone so you don’t have to re purchase the Wii Balance Board.

12:20 EST – Reggie introduces the next innovation in the Wiimote. It’s a good thing Wii MotionPlus doesn’t have to be seen to be believed because the tiny extension to the Wiimote doesn’t make a difference until you power up your console. This is the answer to correcting the problems with the way the Wiimote senses motion aka makes it work the way it should.

12:23 EST – Wii Sports Resort takes advantage of Wii Motion Plus allowing you to skydive. I thought the idea of Wii Sports was fun fitness, but I guess Resort takes that right out of the equation.

12:24 EST – Hey WSR Archery is up. Use the Wiimote with the nun chuck to hit the target without the risk of skewering your buddies in gym class!

12:28 EST - WSR Basketball has will have you shooting competitively against your buddy in a game show type set up.

12:30 EST – Wii MotionPlus is applied to the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Grand Slam Tennis as well as Red Steel 2 which will be a Wii exclusive.

12:32 EST – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles introduces The Crystal Bearers

12:34 EST – New Kingdom Hearts coming to the DS. Looks pretty decent graphically for a DS title.

12:36 EST – Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story RPG coming to DS  in NA and Europe this fall.

12:38 EST – Golden Sun DS is coming out 2010.

12:39 EST – James Patterson  and THQ bring Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion to the DS. It reads and plays like a Patterson novel.

12:40 EST – Cop: The Recruit has CCD cop Derrick going  undercover to prove his partners innocence for the DS

12:42 EST – Girls Club for the DS has been renamed Style Savvy for NA. Fashion plates for todays teens and early 20 something girls.

12:45 EST – Mario vs. Donkey Kong:  Minis March Again comes out this Monday, June 8th downloadable only for the DSi. It features a level creator for the ambitious.

12:48 EST – DSi getting capability to upload pics to Facebook.

12:50 EST – Flip Note Studio comes out this summer.

12:52 EST – Iwata talks marketing trends and future of gaming…

1:00 EST – Mario Galaxy sequel on it’s way to the Wii in 2010. Graphics and gameplay look pretty similar to the original but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It does bring Yoshi into the mix.

1:02 EST – Exclusive Third party Wii titles:

1:09 EST – New edgier games coming from Nintendo.

  • Team Ninja
  • New Metroid Other M in 2010

That’s a wrap look for trailers up soon! Don’t forget to sign up for Gaming Today on Twitter for all the latest updates.

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3 Comments on Nintendo E3 2009 Press Event – with Liveblog at 12pm EDT


On June 2, 2009 at 8:26 pm

So there is a Kingdom Hearts game for the Wii?

Shawn Sines

On June 2, 2009 at 8:29 pm

Nope.. DS is what its for.. it flashed by fast and I think Eva got it mixed up.


On June 2, 2009 at 8:35 pm

Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to be a tease ;o) Unfortunately my typing skills can’t keep up with the commentary.