Nintendo Stock Continues to Fall, Iwata Says You Don’t “Get” the Wii U

Not excited about the Wii U? Well you just don’t get it, you dumbass. That’s the stance Nintendo is arrogantly taking on the negative reaction to the company’s newly announced console. And the reaction is negative — Nintendo’s stock dropped 5% on Tuesday after the announcement and another 7% yesterday, hitting lows they haven’t seen in more than five years. The investor reaction is based on more than just their personal reactions to the console announcement — I’m gonna guess gamer response was a factor.

How does Nintendo respond to this turn of events? Here’s Satoru Iwata, speaking with MSNBC:

[This happens] whenever we come out with something brand new and try to do something unprecedented. People have never had this kind of experience before [and] they cannot completely appreciate it.

Well…. OK. So when we see something new we automatically react negatively? Interesting. Make an historical comparison, breh.

It reminds me of the situation in 2006, when for the first time we showed the Wii system. At the show, people were excited and enthused about the prospect of the Wii at the time, but as soon as I returned to Japan, I noted the [reaction] there was much different. There was so much skepticism surrounding Wii at the time.

That’s not really how I remember it, but if you say so…

We are trying to invent some mechanism to better communicate the real value of the Wii U.

What? So the Wii U is so difficult for our lesser minds to comprehend that Nintendo is going to have to craft some new method of communication in order to explain it to us? I cannot possibly be reading this right.

I don’t even really have a response to this, either because my brain is too fried from E3 or because these comments are just that strange. Probably a little of both. Sheesh.

To be completely fair, though, I do believe it’s entirely possible most of us don’t really understand the full potential of the Wii U, but if thats the case it’s the result of Nintendo’s utter inability to explain it well. Or maybe we do get it, and we think it’s silly. I’ll say this: If we don’t “get” it now, we probably never will.

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3 Comments on Nintendo Stock Continues to Fall, Iwata Says You Don’t “Get” the Wii U


On June 10, 2011 at 9:30 am

I am very excited about the Wii U, and I don’t think I’m alone. In fact, it is one of the few things from this year’s E3 that actually merits discussion. #lacklusterE3

Ron Whitaker

On June 10, 2011 at 1:29 pm

I have to admit, I agree with Phil. Nintendo utterly failed to make the Wii U desirable. They didn’t show the console itself at all, leading many to wonder if it was just a controller. They didn’t talk about pricing or releases, and had nothing resembling gameplay to show on it.

Basically, the theme of Nintendo at E3 this year was “Trust us, this is gonna be cool!” Unfortunately, those of us using our Wii consoles as doorstops due to lack of anything decent to play on them aren’t going to be fooled twice.

Nintendo has a challenge ahead of them. They have to make the Wii U desirable, and I’m not convinced they can do it, especially now that we know the system only supports one of the new controllers at a time.

I guess we’ll find out in 18 months or so.


On June 10, 2011 at 2:11 pm


If you were not impressed with anything else other than the Wii-U then you deserve to stay stuck with your Wii and DSi

The Wii-U pretty much butchered everything the Wii is, I mean it lacks even basic local multiplayer support, only one controller? Yeah… right.

How much does an extra controller cost? Not only that but they said the Wiimotes are supposed to work with it but how is that possible when there are only 8 buttons on the Wiimote.