UPDATE: Rockstar Gives ETA on GTA Online Stimulus Payout

UPDATE: In a press release issued this morning, Rockstar Games said a Grand Theft Auto 5 title update designed to address the ongoing GTA Online character and game progress loss issues will be issued “next week.” Following that patch, Rockstar said it will finally be ready to distribute the stimulus cash. Here’s the official statement from the studio:

We know many of you are anxiously waiting for us to show you the GTA$ Stimulus Package money  we announced a couple weeks back. As mentioned in that post, we of course want to ensure that game progress loss issues are sufficiently sorted before distributing the GTA$ to everyone. We have a few more tweaks and fixes to make in a new title update that will hit sometime next week and then we will distribute the cash.

Original story:

After halving repeat mission payouts in Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar seemed to set the perfect stage for its $500,000 stimulus package. Unfortunately, cash-strapped players are still waiting, and there is still no ETA on the first $250,000 installment.

Sorry folks, I jumped the gun on this one. On October 18, I told you that the first payout was imminent. That’s because Rockstar previously noted it would arrive sometime last week and after Grand Theft Auto 5 title update 1.04. When the patch came last Friday morning, I assumed the GTA Online weekend would be highlighted by stimulus bucks. Well, the wait continues a week later, and now Rockstar says it still has work to do before infusing Los Santos with fake money.

For now, Rockstar simply says it is continuing to tweak and balance the in-game economy while trying to address the continued issues many players are having with deleted GTA Online characters (the Rockstar Support Twitter is filled with deleted character complaints). Many are asking, but at this point, Rockstar simply says that updated information on the first stimulus payout is coming “soon.”

We’ll keep you posted.

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12 Comments on UPDATE: Rockstar Gives ETA on GTA Online Stimulus Payout


On October 25, 2013 at 9:40 am

I wonder if they wanted the online micro-transaction store up and running before they decide to hand out the fake money [which would take very little time to credit to players]

I don’t understand why Rockstar is getting a pass on this when almost every other AAA company in the industry would be getting death-threats and prank phone-calls by now.

Though it depresses me that so much hate is the norm in our industry I’m still a little irked that none of it has been directed at GTA V’s failings.


On October 25, 2013 at 10:40 am

I tried to start the game three times, and each time it locked up during the intro credits.

This is post 1.04 patch, as well.

Garbage game.


On October 25, 2013 at 12:26 pm

The game is garbage because you can’t play it. I think the Billions in sales may say differently.

The game (singleplayer) was good and I had fun, even if driving was half of it.

Online has been alright. You get some fun in seeing if the other players in the room are dinks or friendly, at least till you get more cash on you when they try and pop you. But online overall seems to be alright. I have not lost charactors since the first update, but was not really online to lose much at that point.

could be….but I think at least some of the reasoning has been “hey lets not give them the free money until we have the whole losing cars and charactors thing locked down” otherwise you lose it all.

If you go on R* site, you will see some in total nerd rage over it. The launch wasn’t great, but I think with a map this size and graphically as well, it was pretty new to them in an online state. Now they had 2 weeks to see numbers and all, so theres that, but the thing it looks like companies are doing for the most part is treat the first month as beta and then see what works. I don’t like it, but I have yet to see a online launch that has went smooth. I have had ps3 since launch. just about every popular game has had issues one launch week and beyond.


On October 25, 2013 at 1:58 pm


That’s some real flawed logic you use there.

Their online system causing the game to crash (not just for me, either) before you can actually do anything is garbage. You really can’t argue otherwise. And this nonsense about “well durrr it sold billions so you’re wrong” is a really bad counter-argument, if you can even call it that.

McDonalds advertises “billions and billions served”

Does that mean they make the best hamburger in the world? Idiots go out in droves to purchase the next garbage Iphone IPad or Icrap product, that means its the best?


On October 28, 2013 at 7:23 am

@ Supreme

I have flawed logic? You are saying a game is garbage, even though just about everyone else (can’t give you a number of people playing, but I can confirm minimum 5{myself plus my friends I was on with this weekend} people plus the at least 10 servers of full people I encountered this weekend) have been playing this game. People have been playing so much that in the what 2 to 3 weeks we have tanks rolling in the game, which by the way, kinda suck for everyone else right now, but that means they are lvl 100+ one was lvl140. Saying my logic is flawed is just wrong, you may not like it, but YOUR having issues so the game is trash. Have you tried an uninstall of the update data and then go again? I had this issue happen once. Could be your system…or just a bad disc. But this is all wasted time, as you will come up with some “counter” argument about how I’m wrong and so on. YOu can think I am, but I will be busy playing the game, which is not trash or garbage, its not the best in all of online gaming, but its a good sandbox. And just because your sandbox had a cat crap in it doesn’t mean the next sandbox has the same thing.


On October 28, 2013 at 10:57 am

Sorry Roman, but I have to go with Supreme on this one. Just because a game sold well, doesn’t mean it’s a great game. Besides, isn’t great subjective? What’s great to you, isn’t always great to me. ME3 sold lots, but look at all the angry people. AC3 sold very well, but yet it’s the most criticized game in the series. GTA5 very well may be a good game, as a pc user I wouldn’t know. But your logic that it sold well, well it just doesn’t hold water.


On October 28, 2013 at 11:00 am

Oh yeah, forgot to say. You mentioned full servers as well. Guess what. I’ve been online with SWTOR and had all it’s servers running on heavy as well and you know how well received that game has been.


On October 28, 2013 at 11:13 am

My logic is that he may be can’t get in the game, but alot of people can. And how can he judge a game that he claims he can’t play? If it came across that my logic was that it sold well, thats not my point, the point is ,as I stated, alot of people are in game on servers and playing….alot. He says he can’t get on and deems the game trash. If you can’t play a game its automatically trash? SO it would be alright for me to say HALO is trash because I have never played it because I have a PS3? NO…I cant comment on that as I don’t know if it is or not.

ANd to clarify another point….I never said it was great. Its good to me and worth sometime, but I’m not going to need to play it every moment of the day….if I did, I wouldn’t be typing now.


On October 28, 2013 at 10:34 pm

My view is that it is trash, because it locks up the PS3 in the intro movie. That doesn’t sound polished to me. Nor does the fact that rather than admit fault for their own failure to program their game correctly, they tell people like myself that the problem is with my gamedisk itself or my PS3. Passing the blame off. Which is just foolish.

Much like how if you go to their website, the “troubleshooting and issues” section had been completely cleanswept of all posts and topics, as if they are trying to hide people’s issues. That is laughable. Getting no support from a company that I myself supported, is a joke. Reading online and seeing other people who have my exact problem, who also don’t get answers, isn’t right.

Again, blaming the user’s console itself or “a bad game disk” is just stupid. Pass the blame, it can’t be our fault! Delete our patch that was supposed to fix the issue and try again! Again, laughable.

Special K

On November 6, 2013 at 7:21 am

@ SupremeAllah –
It sounds like you either have a bad disc or something may actually be wrong with your PS3. If your PS3 plays other games and movies with no issues then it’s probably the disc. If that’s the case then it’s a pretty simple fix but does require you to get up from behind the computer and stop blaming other people for your laziness to go return/exchange it. My copy, along with million others, on the PS3 work just fine and I’ve had no issues playing it. What I think you fail to realize is that just like anything else that gets mass produced, there will always be the chance of one, or a million, being bad but still gets sold to the consumer. Yes they could test all the discs before they sell them but that still might not catch them all. Just face the fact that you got a bad copy and go exchange it for a new one. Am I saying it doesn’t suck getting something that doesn’t work? No, quite frankly it does suck when all you wanted to do was sit back and run over some hoes. But, you run that risk of buying something that’s defective whenever you go out and buy just about anything. So just suck it up and do us all a favor and quit your ing about it.


On November 6, 2013 at 7:36 am

Hahaha. Thank you special K for giving the generic Rockstar response. If you had bothered to read, you’d have seen my comments on your “answers” and the reasoning as to why they are total BuII.

Special K

On November 6, 2013 at 7:41 am

Have you even tried exchanging it? Or are you just going to keep a $60 coaster?