Notable Mobiles: Last Week’s iPhone Games Worth a Look

I play a lot of mobile games, and that inevitably means that I play a lot of crappy ones. But they’re not all crappy — some are downright fun, and a few others are innovative and brilliant. But since they’re cheap, tiny and packed into the iTunes App Store, wading through all the games each week can be a daunting task. So we’ve streamlined it for you, picking out a few titles that are worth a look: check out the details below.

Dead Space

EA Mobile’s biggest published game to date is a pretty phenomenal horror experience for a mobile game. We reviewed it, so I won’t go to deep into the specifics. But If you haven’t checked it out yet, and you own an iPhone (or an iPad), you’re going to download this one.

It goes for $6.99 for iPhone, $9.99 for iPad.

Pro Zombie Soccer

Lots of games (on the iPhone) have you killing zombies, but this is the only one I know of that requires that you do so with a soccer ball. It actually works out to be a pretty interesting experience, with each stage making you a stationary turret on the left side of the screen, battling the onslaught of undead fiends coming at you from the right. Sliding your thumb along the left side of the screen allows you to set the angle of your kick, and then you let loose — each kick (mostly) destroying the zombie it hits. As you kill more monsters with headshots or otherwise, you’ll get access to temporary power-ups for your ball, like an orbital satellite, a rapid-fire, time-slowing version, or a ball covered in razor blades. But the zombies aren’t pushovers, either, and they gradually become stronger and require better tactics on your part to destroy. Over Pro Zombie’s Soccer’s 20 levels, the game gets more and more intense, with zombies coming at you awfully fast. For a casual game, Pro Zombie Soccer has a ton of personality and tense gameplay.

It goes for $0.99.

Stupid Zombies

Unlike Pro Zombie Soccer, Stupid Zombies is about puzzle-solving, but with headshots. Following closely the style of games like Angry Birds, your goal is to use physics to kill the zombies standing around each level. They won’t attack or otherwise harass you — you just have to figure out how to get a bullet to ricochet around each stage to kill them all or, to hit any number of objects like explosives, breakable crates, rolling barrels and steel boxes. The fewer shots you can use to kill all the zombies, the better your score over the game’s 240 levels. And if you’re unwilling to part with a buck, there’s a free version of Stupid Zombies with 60 levels in it. Your high scores get logged onto leaderboards using Apple’s Game Center service.

It goes for $0.99.


There are a lot of very cool aspects about Mazeus. For one, it includes some intensely complicated 3D mazes that require you to use touch controls to rotate them around in order to glean the their proper paths. For another, the game will generate randomized mazes for you, based on criteria that you specify with slider controls. Want a longer, more difficult maze than the game can provide? Jack the sliders up to maximum and see what Mazeus spits out. Navigating the mazes is done with a little colored ball that you guide through by tapping the path you want it to take. And by far the best part: it’s extremely, absolutely, 100-percent free.


Some iPhone games have you fighting aliens and protecting sheep — I’m not really sure what aliens want with sheep, but apparently it’s a recurring theme. BeamOut skips over the tower defense genre entirely (because apparently you normally need lasers to fight aliens who want sheep) and instead puts you in control of a downed UFO that’s looking to pick up sheep. Again, no idea why. Anyway, what’s cool (and super frustrating) about BeamOut is it’s loose, extremely challenging to use tilt control scheme. Your UFO slides across the ground as if its a pinball on ice, bouncing all over the place and off of lots of different things. Trying to catch sheep, hit targets, and avoid death is definitely not easy, and the game’s cartoonish art style makes it fun to look at as well as twitchy, fun and extremely difficult to play.

It goes for $1.99.

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