So, Where’s The Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Review?

Well folks, October 23 is upon us, and that means the release of the anticipated – perhaps not hotly, but certainly with some interest – return of the Medal of Honor series, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Boasting an exhaustively researched depiction of Special Forces tactics, it continues the modern warfa- sorry, I mean, modern combat* setting of the 2010 installment, and includes scenarios ripped from, or at least inspired by very specific recent events. In addition, the multiplayer promises to absolutely pop, thanks to being developed using EA’s genuinely impressive Frostbite 2 engine. All in all, it looks like Warfighter is going to be a worthy addition to the glut deluge of shooters.

Or… it it? We have no idea, actually. You might have noticed the total lack of any Warfighter review here on Game Front. Yeah, we were hoping to get our review copy in time to tell you whether or not it lives up to EA’s PR juggernaut. Alas, we didn’t get one, but fortunately, we’re not alone. It’s not our fault. Nobody got one. Nobody. Warfighter, so says EA, was being tweaked and patched right up to the end, and they apparently opted not to make review copies available due to the fact that anything release prior to launch wouldn’t be complete.

“Danger Close Games was working up until launch to ensure that the consumer experience on day 1 is outstanding,” EA told Game Front in a statement. “Medal of Honor Warfighter had a Day 1 patch that incorporated real-time feedback from the beta, and media will begin receive review copies when the patch is ready on Oct 23. Medal of Honor Warfighter is the most ambitious game in development in the Medal of Honor series – creating the biggest and best game in the storied franchise means the team is working hard to integrate as much feedback as possible into the game as it goes live.”

There’s no doubt this is true. Warfighter launched earlier today with an absolutely gigantic patch that fixed an astonishing 110 issues contained in the launch version of the game. Obviously, one can criticize the decision to hold the game to an arbitrary launch date if it wasn’t ready, but you really have to give it to Danger Close; identifying and fixing these issues must have been an absolutely herculean effort on their part, and we suspect most of their team is currently in a vegetative state after what must have been several days of nonstop work. Kudos.

But yeah, we don’t have a review for you; if you’re waiting to see what we think before you purchase, rest assured we’ll be giving you a ton of content, from cheat guides, our walkthrough, trophies and achievement guides, and helpful tweaks to make your PC copy run precisely as you want it. Keep an eye out in the next few days as we play through and learn everything we can about it. In the meantime, user reviews are starting to trickle out, and in lieu of our proper review, we’ve taken a look at how the game is shaking out fanwise.

Warfighter currently enjoys a 7.0 rating on Metacritic, averaged from 14 user reviews. That’s a very tiny number, and we cannot, nor should we, discount the possibility that some of the positive reviews are from shills. Still, users so far seem to reflect expectations from previews in the months prior to release, so for now we’ll take them as they are. Positive reviews have been praising Warfighter’s multiplayer, the class system, and the graphics. Some even praise the game’s realism during the single player campaign, though the consensus among all reviews seems to be that the single player game is a bit short. Negative reviews are unilateral in their dismissal of the game as a generic action shooter, and are particularly critical of the campaign.

Here’s a sampling of Metacritic user reviews:

* User TraumaHunter says “When I first started playing I though that the Spec ops wall hack was so overpowered. But then as I played the other classes I realized that all of the classes have some sort of OP ability.. so it all evens out in the end.
* Rockman9 raves, saying that “The graphic is awesome and gameplay improved a lot — fast paced but different from COD.
* A user named Dan says “Warfighter is one of the best shooters of this year, the Campaing may be a bit short, but it’s way better than Battlefield 3 Campaign. The Graphics are Amazind (sic), Sound of Guns are great, and the Multiplayer is Awesome.
* User DXR’s 3 rated review damns it with faint praise. “It is very fun, extremely easy, and very approachable,” he says. “It just won’t replace the depth of strategy, amazing environments, and diversity in gameplay that I find in BF3.
* User Vasot’s 4 rated review is much more blunt: “Very boring FPS (typical **** from Electronic arts). Typical arcade FPS with low realism and the typical theme about killing “bad terrorists”.
* User BOSTONJOHN32 review might best provide us with the temperature of the fanbase. He concludes that it’s a solid game that doesn’t quite hit the mark. “The recipe was there but the ingredients did not come together as good as the menu suggested,” he said, “hence not leaving a sour taste but the craving you sat down with still being present. not a bad game just more of the same so a solid 7.”

Stay tuned for our ongoing coverage of Warfighter. And if you experience any problems, or just want to share some cool stuff, be sure to let us know in comments.

*Don’t hit me, Activision!

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2 Comments on So, Where’s The Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Review?


On October 24, 2012 at 8:48 am

Looks like a fun game, but I will not be buying until it has come down a lot in price. For me a game like this has a short lived single player experience. Not worth $60 imho. It does make me sad that the moh series has chosen to copy cod and bf. Moh Spearhead was an awesome multiplayer game (rifles)! I wish that they recognized how smooth the gameplay was, how accurate the hit detection was, etc… That game was released a long time ago lol. Seems like the industry has since went down hill. No dedicated servers in some games, client-side hit detection in games like bf3, etc…


On October 25, 2012 at 8:19 pm

I played the beta, and I understand that it was a beta (a unfinished game). That being said I was thoroughly unimpressed with just about every aspect of what I played.