Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! – 15 Ways to Kill Abe Trophy Guide

Oddworld’s resident punching-bag protagonist Abe makes his big current-generation debut in the Playstation 4′s New ‘n’ Tasty remake, and with every re-worked return there are trophies to earn.

Fitting the series twisted sense of humor, you’ll earn a tricky reward for finding 15 completely unique methods for killing the hapless Mudokon hero. See all the methods for ending Abe’s Odysee early with each listed method right here.

Get the rest of GameFront’s guides listed out on the Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty cheats page with more tips for earning those tough trophies.

15 Ways to Kill Abe Trophy Guide

To unlock the “Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?” trophy, you’ll need to find fifteen unique ways to kill your escaping Mudokon protagonist Abe. Check out the 15 ways below;

  • 1. Shot by Sligs. There machine-gun toting guards appear all over the game. This can even be the first way Abe dies.
  • 2. Fell down a bottomless pit / fall long enough to die instantly. Pits are everywhere, just fall or drop from a high ledge to make this one count.
  • 3. Crushed by falling meat. Rupture Farms is a dangerous work environment, and there are several areas with giant rack of ribs falling from the sky. Get hit by one — it might take a properly timed jump.
  • 4. Blow yourself up with a grenade. Miss a grenade throw or let it drop at Abe’s feet to break the poor guy into little chunks.
  • 5. Fall into a grinder. Basically, a different sort of bottomless pit. Certain gaps where meat drops in Rupture Farms feature grinders.
  • 6. Step on a land mine. The kind that can’t be disarmed. Miss a jump and it’s game over for Abe.
  • 7. Sliced by a giant saw. Huge meat saws move vertically across platforms in Rupture Farms. Let one chop Abe up.
  • 8. Step on a flashing mine. These small canisters flash red. They can be disarmed, but if you mess up or walk over them while active it’s an explosive end to Abe’s Oddysee.
  • 9. Get disintegrated by a lightning fence. Electric fences appear early on. Step into an active one for a shocking demise..
  • 10. Crushed by a falling rock. Like falling meat, eventually you’ll come across falling rocks. Let one smash Abe’s head in for another addition to the death list.
  • 11. Walk into a hovering mine. Floating explosives can be tricky to dodge. Just walk into one to add this death to your list.
  • 12. Eaten by Slogs. These killer dogs appear in the Stockyard. Let one catch up to Abe.
  • 13. Ripped apart by Scrabs or Paramites. The four-legged Scrabs are first found in the Stockyards along with laser fences. Jump down into their pens and let the critters crush Abe with their four powerful legs.
  • 14. Chomped up by Bats or Bees. Like the Scrabs or Slogs, bats will appear in the Stockyards outside Rupture farms. Let these winged nuisances swarm Abe to earn a kill.
  • 15. Blown up by a timed mine. Later in the story, you’ll reach the Temple of Paramonia, or the Paramite Temple. The timed mines have appear here. They have a short count-down timer. Let one pop Abe to get the trophy.

Trophy Unlocked

  • Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear? (Bronze)
    Have Abe die in 15 different ways.

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