Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! – Nine-Tenths of the Law Trophy Guide

The monstrous machine-gun toting guards in Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! are a constant threat, so why not get some revenge and go on a possession fueled rampage.

Near the end of the game, the escaped slave Abe gets his chance to fight a small army of mechanically-enhanced Slig oppressors. Don’t miss your opportunity to earn a tricky trophy along the way.

See what else is hidden away in the demented Oddworld remake — check out the New ‘n’ Tasty! cheats list.

Nine-Tenths of the Law Trophy Guide

To quickly and easily earn this tough trophy, get Abe to the very beginning of Zulag 4 after your return to Rupture Farms.

After stepping off the transport to Zulag 4, go through the door on your right. Inside the large room, climb up the ledges and move right to another door. Down the long-ish hallway, you’ll see some Sligs above but don’t worry about them yet.

How to Kill 9 Sligs

Going through the second door, you’ll find a lever with a directory to the right. Just as you pull the lever, some Sligs will drop down near the large monitor.

When they fall, retreat and jump up onto the platform above the door you entered from. Now you can possess the Sligs below. Hold [L1+R1] to chant and possess one of the Sligs.

Once he’s possessed, put your back to the left wall and shoot the other two Sligs. If he dies, possess another Slig or jump down and pull the lever to spawn in more.

Make a Save Game before attempting or you might kill some Mudokons by accident. Don’t let that happen, or you risk getting the bad ending.

To unlock this trophy, you’ll need to kill 9 Sligs with just the one you’re possessing. Let’s count them down;

  • #1. Pull the lever to summon three Sligs. Possess one, kill the other two.
  • #2. The second Slig you spawn from the lever. Shoot him down.
  • #3. To the right, past the bridge, you’ll find another waiting Slig. Kill him fast.
  • #4. Don’t start shooting at Slig #3 an you’ll be sure to take out Slig #4 nearby.
  • #5. Take the lift down. There’s one Slig on the left.
  • #6. And another Slig on the right. Watch out for the Mudokons!
  • #7. Move right and step through the laser fence to set off an alarm. Two more Sligs will drop down.
  • #8. One of the alerted Sligs.
  • #9. And finally, one of the two Sligs already guarding the lower floor. Along with two more Sligs to the left. Lots of Sligs to choose from.

When you hit the magic number 9 the Trophy will unlock. Goodluck!

Trophy Unlocked

  • Nine-Tenths of the Law (Bronze)
    Kill 9 Sligs with a single possessed Slig

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