Of Course Screens From GTA 5 Are Already Leaking

UPDATE: Serious spoiler warning for those of you who might want to google all things GTA V. We can confirm that the game is definitely leaking like a rusty ship. Among other things, dozens of pages from the official strategy guide are now online. So, be warned that all attempts to keep this game locked down are failing, and there is a high likelihood you may accidentally stumble upon critical story details.

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Will Grand Theft Auto V be the unrelenting downer that made Prozac an essential part of the GTA IV experience? Thankfully not: At minimum, you’ll be able to take a moment and appreciate the finer things in life. Like watching two dogs going at it like, well, dogs!

How do I know this? Because with only five days left until the game launches, images are leaking like gas from the tank of a lightly damaged green Sabre. Earlier this morning, a vine of the aforementioned doggie copulation was posted on Reddit. That vine has already been removed – no doubt because of a serious DCMA complaint by Rockstar. But you can’t stop the signal, Mal. Leaked screens are popping up all over the Internet, including this Instagram account that is packed with shots.

Rockstar’s traditionally severe restrictions on just how people access that game continue apace, of course. For the most part, access to the game has occurred under heavily managed situations that resemble NSA protocols in secrecy and exclusivity. Even now, review copies are being meted out like wartime rations; Game Front is among the unspecified number of gaming publications who will likely not be able to play the game until Monday. But Pandora’s box is open. The leaks we’re seeing today didn’t come from journalists, they likely came from civilians who accessed the game elsewise (I’m guessing copies that, ahem, fell off the back of a truck.) Oops.

This Change.org petition begging Rockstar never to release a PC version of GTA V is particularly hilarious in this light. The petition demands that R* punish PC gamers for pirating games. I’m all for that of course. PC gamers are sick sick people who do things like get copies of the game early and leak screens wily nilly despite the best efforts of Rockstar’s espionage juggernaut. OH WAIT.

If you’re checking out the leaks, why not let us know your favorite bits in comments. Meanwhile, all you PC gamers need to stop being so naughty. Seriously, STOP IT.

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4 Comments on Of Course Screens From GTA 5 Are Already Leaking


On September 12, 2013 at 4:52 pm

Piracy on the PC is not as bad as in the 90′s I think majority of PC people buy games over pirating them anymore. Its been proven too that piracy actually is good for sales.
This guy doing a Change.org petition begging Rockstar never to release a PC version is a dweeb! What people do not realise about PC players is they are godly and can make changes to a game which bring many years of fun into it. We ROCK and THAT Change.org Guys a Nutter. As the console can be pirated as well. The problem with all things is life is generation. Its the new generation that are now the pirates of the computer world and you will never stop it. Just live with it, The new generation will grow into being a buyer just we did.


On September 13, 2013 at 8:47 am

People who pirate are generally buying more games than others as well. This has been proven again and again constantly in about eighty different polls. Same goes for music.

Ross Lincoln

On September 13, 2013 at 10:54 am

Oh, I know Dennis. I was mocking the assertion that PC gamers are somehow more shady than anyone else.


On September 13, 2013 at 11:22 am

Piracy is a big deal on consoles to you fools, do your research before you complain about the PC, piracy is everywhere, from music to movies, videogames to pornography.

It’s everywhere guys