Of Mice and Men: Real Men Don’t Need Uber Gaming Mice


Joel Durham Jr., consumate mouse tester for Extreme Tech, claims that he can frag you using a two button ball mouse as easily as any of the super expensive gaming mice out on the market today. When it comes to performance in FPSs, despite what companies like Logitech, Microsoft, Saitek and Razer would like you to believe, you can perform just as well, or just as badly, with one of their gaming mice as a free Dell early gen optical mouse.

Here’s my point: Your super-expensive gaming mouse might make you more confident, but it doesn’t necessarily improve your actual game. Yeah, more buttons means you can map more stuff to mouse buttons, and comfort is certainly a factor… Nevertheless, after much testing, I’m simply not convinced that a supermouse makes a difference in how successfully I play.

I’m not trying to bash Logitech or Microsoft—or Razer or Saitek or anyone else for that matter—as they make terrific, responsive, comfortable mice. I’ve simply come to the conclusion that spending an ungodly sum of money on a mouse doesn’t help my level of competitiveness. I can plop a grenade down your pants from thirty yards with a 2-button ball mouse if I have to.

Do these super expensive high tech gaming mice really make a difference to your game, or are you just wasting money you could have spent on Call of Duty 4 on an extraneous piece of hardware?

via Extreme Tech 

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6 Comments on Of Mice and Men: Real Men Don’t Need Uber Gaming Mice


On November 9, 2007 at 11:50 am

I had a mouse. I tried to draw |. It looked like S. Then I bought a better mouse. I tried again and then it looked like |.

not quite

On November 9, 2007 at 2:23 pm

He’s right and wrong. I have a simple 3-button IBM optical I picked up from wal-mart or somewhere, once. The shape conforms to my hand VERY well. When I pit it up against my old ball-based Razer, it held it’s own and most often I would do better with it just because the comfort thing came into play. Note that the old Razer has sensitivity changing.

Fast forward to getting my Razer Diamondback. More buttons, physically smaller, lower to the mousepad, optical, sensitivity changing. Thanks to upgrades in technology, my gameplay has only gotten better with the Diamondback. I don’t even use most of the buttons.

Not only has the new uber mouse made me more confident, but I’m also a better player because of it. When I gotta snipe, I lower the sensitivity and hit headshots more often. When I gotta run around like a maniac, I up it a few notches and run circles around people in hovertanks (thank you Battlezone training).

It’s partly about how comfortable your hand is with your current mouse and it’s partly about the technology put into the mouse that makes you a better player.

p.s. You ain’t gonna plop a grenade down my pants when I’ve sniped you between the eyes while you’re measuring distance, son. ;-)


On November 10, 2007 at 11:01 am

Actually he is right. Skills aren’t determined by how flashy your mouse is but by how fast your hand is. Best mouse for me is a 2 button + scroll combo, anything more adds useless complication and weight. If I want more buttons I’ll leave that to my left hand cuz thats where the insane micro is happening : )

havoc of smeg

On November 10, 2007 at 12:44 pm

what i dont get is how you can be so rubbish at using a regular mouse that you’ll need a “super” mouse!

come on, how hard can it be!


On November 10, 2007 at 1:37 pm

I’d add an extra button or two for ingame chat, it’s just more convenient.

Ron Whitaker

On December 11, 2007 at 2:20 pm

I’d have to disagree with this, simply because through years of FPS gaming on the PC, I have found that the newer optical mice simply track better and more consistently. I’ve recently switched from a Razer Copperhead w/ 2000 dpi laser back to the new Deathadder with 1800 dpi optical, and I’m convinced that what friend of mine told me is true. For tracking purposes, optical is far superior to laser.

It’s not that you can’t play with an old ball mouse, but in the fast paced games we play these days, the higher dpi and superior tracking technology of today’s mice offers a substantial increase in efficiency and precision.