Of Orcs and Men Hits PSN Tuesday

PlayStation 3 players will be able to download Of Orcs and Men straight to their PS3 when the PSN updates on Tuesday.

Lead Game Designer Sylvain Sechi explained on the PlayStation Blog that this game’s original role-reversal concept of playing good-guy green-skin monsters in a world of evil humans was shot down by publishers. Sechi said:

“A funny note about this game – as we finished the prototype and began pre-production, lots of publishers told us that our game would never perform because players only wanted to play the good guys. “No one will want to be an orc or a goblin!” they said, and of course, we knew things were not black and white in this game.”

Ultimately, the dev team didn’t buckle under the peer pressure and pursued their vision. Sechi went on to say:

“We spent lots of time creating a mature universe, rethinking standards of the fantasy genre. Even very early on, we strongly believed this game had potential, and that players wanted something a bit more original than playing yet another human paladin, in shiny armor, killing stupid goblins, while saving swords and looting the princess (or is it the other way around?). Now when I see the feedback we’ve gotten for Of Orcs and Men around the world, I’m glad we listened to our gut and made this game for you, the players.”

Does what the publishers told the devs insult your intelligence, or do you agree that playing an orc/goblin is unappealing?

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2 Comments on Of Orcs and Men Hits PSN Tuesday


On October 13, 2012 at 11:22 am

I’m glad they made the greenskins as the main characters. Granted, I have a fondness for orcs in different fantasy/sci fi settings. There’s very, very few games where you can play as one. Even fewer where they’re presented as anything more than dumb evil brutes to be slaughted for experience.

The fantasy genre has been mined for decades for RPGs. Into the future I think it will become more important to branch out with newer ideas, like Orcs and Men. Main characters no longer being strictly human. We need more Dwarf Fortress type games out there. Imaginative and don’t worry about whether or not the average player will be able to care just because they aren’t playing as a human.


On October 13, 2012 at 4:15 pm

If the Publishers says…

… Peoples don’t want to play Orcs, send them to World of Warcraft…
… Peoples only want to play good guys, send them to Saint Row, GTA, Overlord, Dungeon Keeper, etc…