Oh, Great, id is Already Planning Rage 2?

I don’t like it when developers (or movie people, for that matter, get ahead of themselves and start planning for a sequel before putting out an initial offering. It makes me worry that the first game won’t stand on its own. And I hate hate hate cliffhangers, especially when you don’t even know if a sequel is going to happen. Not every new IP needs to be a franchise starter, you jackasses.

But nobody cares why I think, and when GameSpot asked John Carmack if they’re planning for a sequel to Rage even now, he said this:

Yes. I mean, I guess we don’t have a formal, official announcement, but, yeah, it’s certainly heading that way. We don’t have any kind of release date on any of that. The expectation would be that it’s not a brand new engine for Rage 2, since you want people to be able to concentrate on the design. There’s a lot of value that we can add relatively quickly based on our experience with getting this product out the door.

That isn’t a worrying quote in and of itself, because he’s talking about prepping the engine for a sequel instead of the story setting up for a sequel. A quick turnaround is a boon in this industry, and I guess it’s not unsmart to plan on some level for a sequel in case it ends up being warranted. Still…

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4 Comments on Oh, Great, id is Already Planning Rage 2?


On June 30, 2011 at 10:05 pm

This is id software, the guys that practically invented the modern FPS as we know it. I think they deserve AT LEAST the benefit of the doubt.

They have yet to make a bad FPS. People like to give them a hard time about Doom 3 because it didn’t bring anything new to the FPS genre but I’m of the opinion that you don’t necessarily NEED to bring anything new to a genre you invented.

At worst, Rage will be mediocre. I think the same will apply to Rage 2.


On July 1, 2011 at 8:48 am

They need to release it the end of august or beginning of September. Moving it to October is going to hurt their sales big time.

Garyn Dakari

On July 1, 2011 at 3:01 pm

Better to release later, than to release an unfinished game early.


On October 28, 2011 at 8:21 am

Rage was very well done and I enjoyed every minute of gameplay. I will suggest that in Rage 2, ID Should Develop the characters more instead of having you complete a mission and throwing them aside because their finished. I mean in some case thats alright, but like some of the challenge missions for the vehicles, In Subway city, they could’ve brought Stanley back, or have a rematch with the guy in the cowboy hat whom gives you the monarch. However, if ID makes Rage 2, I will be excited for it just like i’m excited for Borderlands 2.

@Gabe: A more realistic assumption to why Id did what they did, moving it to October was because Gear of War came out in September, and its more business smart when you have your game released on a month where you have no strong competition.