Old Republic Designer Says MMOs Suck

old pubImagine if all there was to Red Dead Redemption was free roam mode. You’re dropped into the wonderfully crafted world of New Austin in order to team up with your friends to hunt down bounties, storm bandit hideouts and battle other players, and that’s the entirety of the game. If that were the case, we would call that game an MMOTPS or something like that. And it would be boring after about three hours.

That’s how I feel about pretty much every MMO that exists. It’s a good time initially, but after the first day, the prospect of making a hobby out of that kind of title frightens me. Ironically, Daniel Erickson, a designer and writing director at BioWare working on the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, agrees with me.

“In the early days when they first announced that there were MMOs, like the existence of them, I knew in my head what that meant, because I played Role Playing Games. It was just giant Role Playing Games,” Erickson told CVG.

“And then MMO [games] showed up, and it wasn’t that. It was the ruleset to an RPG; there was combat, and there were areas, but that was all. Someone had left out the module. There was no story, there was no point. You just kind of wandered around. And that hasn’t really changed all that much over the years.”

What’s the point of this guy saying this? PR for his game, of course.

“Old Republic should be all the things we thought an MMO would be in the first place, which is all the parts of an RPG. Which means — and this is the most radical idea — it should just be fun. Like, just fun to play. You shouldn’t be trying to ignore all of the content to get to the end as fast as possible,” he said. Hit the link above for the rest of his comments.

That’s an interesting way to present the game, but it makes sense. BioWare knows that any regular MMO players who are at all interested in the title will probably give it a shot, at least. It’s a Star Wars MMO by a beloved developer, so that portion of the potential audience is most likely locked down. But BioWare wouldn’t be content with just taking a chance with the built-in MMO audience. They want other kinds of gamers to play this game. They want all the people who co-oped through Borderlands. They want those people who played and loved Knights of the Old Republic. They want people who love RPGs but generally wouldn’t touch any MMO with a ten-foot pole.

So presenting your MMORPG as just like any epic single-player RPG but with all your friends and their friends and their friends in there is the logical route. Hopefully, the game will actually turn out that way.

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3 Comments on Old Republic Designer Says MMOs Suck


On November 7, 2010 at 6:55 pm

i never really like mmo it cost way to much city of heroes world of warcraftc ect cost alot of money just for a few days alot of fans are going to be disapointed to see that there will be restriction’s and hidden montly fees


On October 20, 2011 at 6:44 am

The first commenter is a ing idiot.

MMORPGs are subscription based, there’s no “hidden monthly fees.” They say right there on the box what it is, and anyone who reads about it will know.

As for being too expensive? Get real. MMO’s are the ultimate in cheap entertainment. Let me put it like this:

Newest single player console action game: $60 for 40 hours of entertainment (this is about a week to someone who really likes it and plays the hell out of it)

MMORPG: $50 for game+$15 dollars a month for INFINITE hours of entertainment. Hardcore, casual, doesn’t matter. Your $15 a month pays the development to keep adding new content with no end. When a massive chunk of content is created, they release that as an expansion for usually around $30, and once again $15 a month after that. But this is (again) INFINITE game hours. You can play WoW every day all day for months and months and never run out of things to do, and even if you did, something new would be there in a month.

MMO’s are not like other games, because they are can’t be completed, and never were meant to be completed. They are everlasting ongoing adventures with no end, in their own world (world’s don’t travel along set stories you know, set stories are IN those worlds, the world is yours’ to travel and see what stories you wish).

This works for some people who enjoy being immersed in a WORLD, where some people enjoy being immersed in a specific story. It’s all just preference, but MMO’s are a fantastically cheap form of entertainment, probably the healthiest and cheapest form of entertainment out there. How many $60 games would you need to buy a month as a hardcore gamer who is pulling 40 hours of gaming a week over just paying $15 a month for the same amount of gametime?



On February 28, 2013 at 10:38 pm

MMO Developers today get it in their heads that they have a new idea, a different and better plan. A comparison in history would be a number of Generals who invaded Russia, Napoleon thought the above looking back at Charles XII and Hitler the same looking back at those two.

It was the same plan and they all sucked.