5 Old School Games Resurrected in Browsers

Quake Live

We hardly need to tell you about this obscure, unpopular series of shooters that make up the Quake series, do we? Yeah, I thought not. Still, despite the popularity of the series – so great the developer even named their annual convention after it – Id Software sure is taking its sweet time releasing new games. Quake 4 came out in 2004, and Doom 4 is still practically vaporware.

Luckily, there’s Quake Live. Basically a browser-based port of Quake III Arena, it’s everything you already like about the Quake series, but, you know, persistently online in MMO format. It was launched in 2010, and became incredibly prominent in the e-sports world. Alas, its popularity is swiftly diminishing, putting the game’s future in doubt. Still, so long as people play it, Id Software is likely to support it, so why not head over and frag your friends until you fall asleep on your keyboard.

AdventureQuest Worlds

It’s weird to think of the AdventureQuest series as old school, but hell, when the original game was launched, people still burned their mp3s on CD and most console games required you to find a specific save point, so we’re going with it. AdventureQuest is a rare legacy game that has existed continuously since launching in 2002. It’s also flash-based, which is kind of like finding a book written in modern English that is written on medieval parchment. Zing.

AdventureQuest spawned a couple of sequels – DragonFable and MechQuest – establishing the series as one based strictly on the concept of using unnecessary capitalizations instead of spaces between words. Again, zing. Anyway, AdventureQuest Worlds was launched in 2009, and like the OG game, it’s made using Flash. No, seriously. And it’s kind of good too, if you can believe it. All you need is a browser with an Adobe Flash player, which means iOS users are SOL. Sorry! Find out more on the official site.

Wolfenstein 3D

Hey, speaking of how old you are, did you know that Wolfenstein 3D came out 20 years ago? 20 YEARS. Seriously. 20. Friggin. Years. Launched in May, 1992, that game came out when Kurt Cobain was alive, Kris Cross were just explaining how they were about to warm it up, and people wore flannel in summer. A horrible, horrible time, in other words. (Except for Kris Cross, who ruled.) So, yeah, you’re really old, oldster. Seriously. Older than dirt. Older than time. OLLLLD. You should be ashamed.

Anyway, to celebrate the fact that people who were born the year Wolfenstein came out only have to wait one more year to drink legally, Bethesda has released the original game – and we mean it – as a browser-based experience. Literally, you can, right now, play Wolfenstein 3D exactly as it looked before Bill Clinton was president and Windows 3.0 was still kind of a novelty. We really can’t recommend it highly enough, so please, go play it here.

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