Omerta: City of Gangsters Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Maine Ave (Tutorial)
Absecon Lighthouse
Baltic Ave.
Boardwalk Hall
Garden Pier
Gardner Basin
Georgia Ave.
Illinois Ave.
Iowa Ave.
Kentucky Ave.
Mediterranean Ave.
North Carolina Ave.
Virginia Ave.
Michigan Ave.

Maine Ave. (Tutorial)
Welcome to Atlantic City

  1. Camera Controls
    • Objective: Move the camera to explore the district.
  2. Home, Sweet Home
    • Objective: Select your hideout.
    • Hotkey: Home
  3. Newcomers
    • Objective: Select the shop by clicking on the building or the sign above it.
  4. Time to Wait
    • Objective: Wait for The Boss to return from his assignment.
  5. Beer Raid
    • Objective: Raid an independent Brewery.
  6. Hiring Henchmen
    • Objective: Hire Squigs.
    • Each gangster you hire comes with a pre-set Perk. Use the Respec option if you want to pay to change the Perk(s).
  7. Actions & Resources
    • Objective: Gather 40 Beer casks.
  8. Jobs 1 / 3
    • Objective: Click on the Jobs button under the minimap.
  9. Jobs 2 / 3
    • Objective: Click on the Beer job offered by Ben O’Connor and accept it.
  10. Jobs 3 / 3
    • Objective: Wait for the Beer job to finish.
  11. Informants
    • Objective: Locate and question an Informant to discover new information about the district.
  12. Gone with the Squigs
    • Objective: Explore the map to discover what happened to Squigs.
    • Click on the hood with the spinning exclamation mark over his head.
  13. Where’s Squigs
    • Objective: Squigs is held in a building with an eye sign above it. Explore the district to find it.
  14. Combat Encounter: Squigs in Trouble (Combat Tutorial)
  15. Camera Controls
    • Objective: Use the mouse to move the camera.
  16. Action and Movement Points
    • Objective: Try moving forward now.
    • Action Points (AP); Movement Points (MP).
  17. End Turn
    • Objective: Press the End Turn button to end your turn.
    • Hotkey: Spacebar.
  18. Enemies and Attacking
    • Objective: Attack the enemy.
    • Use cover by moving onto one of the green arrows within your MP range.
    • When planning your moves, look for large white dots along the path; these signal when the character is in direct line of sight (LOS) of an enemy, or when an enemy is in the character’s direct LOS.
  19. Initiative
    • Monitor the Initiative Line at the top of the screen.
  20. Rescue Squigs
    • Objective: Move over the wrench icon to rescue him.
  21. Talents and Special Attacks
    • Learn the Talents and Special Attacks of each gangster and use them when needed.
  22. Hit Points and Courage
    • Pay close attention to the Hit Points and Courage of each gangster during combat, yours and the enemies.
  23. Aimed Attacks
    • Aimed Attacks help increase the chance to hit, but cost AP to use.
  24. Safe and Sound
    • bjective: Select a new Perk for The Boss.
    • Level Up The Boss and Squigs.
  25. Like a Thousand Bucks
    • Objective: Make $1,000 Dirty Money.
    • Raid the two Breweries for Beer.
    • Raid the Distillery for Liquor.
    • Sell Beer and Liquor through the Jobs map.
    • Supply the Speakeasy with Beer.
  26. Blowback
    • Objective: Win the “Hideout Shootout” combat encounter.
  27. Combat Encounter: Hideout Shootout
  28. The End?
    • Mission Complete

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2 Comments on Omerta: City of Gangsters Walkthrough

Charles Farber

On August 6, 2013 at 7:12 am

This walkthrough sucks, it hardly tells you anything, I’m looking for info on how to complete the missions all this guy did was retype the missions up on a list and call it a walkthrough, two thumbs down.


On July 19, 2014 at 2:01 am

What the **** kind of worthless walkthrough is this?
Stephenie Meyer writes better than this.