Omerta: City of Gangsters Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Maine Ave (Tutorial)
Absecon Lighthouse
Baltic Ave.
Boardwalk Hall
Garden Pier
Gardner Basin
Georgia Ave.
Illinois Ave.
Iowa Ave.
Kentucky Ave.
Mediterranean Ave.
North Carolina Ave.
Virginia Ave.
Michigan Ave.

Absecon Lighthouse
Business is Business

The Absecon Lighthouse works as a Smuggler through this mission, and will smuggle in Beer, Liquor, or Firearms to you, for a price.

  1. Business is Business
    • Objective: Hire Doc
  2. The Bootlegger
    • Objective: Select a building with the house sign above it and use the “Rent” action to acquire a new Premises.
  3. Establishing Businesses
    • Objective: Click on the Premises icon to select it and establish a Brewery.
  4. Upgrading Businesses
    • Objective: Upgrade the Brewery.
  5. Alcohol Distribution
    • Objective: Rent a Joint.
    • Use Informants to learn more about the district.
  6. Speak Easy
    • Objective: Establish a Speakeasy (Joint).
  7. Competition
    • Objective: Select the independent Speakeasy and use either the “Drive-by” or the “Buyout” action.
  8. Expanding the Business
    • Objective: Upgrade your hideout to level 2.
  9. The Pizzeria
    • Objective: Establish a “The Don” Pizzeria (Joint).
  10. The Daredevil
    • Effect: Brigitte “Daredevil” Laval has been unlocked.
  11. Both Feared and Liked
    • Objective: Establish a Soup Kitchen (Premises) to increase your Liked rating.
  12. Life with Louie
    • Objective: Locate and eliminate Louie’s “pests”. Look for the blue hotel with the eye sign above it.
    • Use Informants.
  13. Combat Encounter: Louie’s Pest Problem
  14. The Heat Will Get You
    • Objective: Successfully deal with the Investigation.
  15. Who’s Your Boss?
    • Effect: +40 Beer. New Jobs have become available.
  16. Familial Obligation
    • Objective: Gather $4,000 Dirty Money.
    • Upgrade businesses for faster and higher profits.
    • Use Jobs to sell Beer, Liquor, and Firearms.
    • Mission Complete.

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2 Comments on Omerta: City of Gangsters Walkthrough

Charles Farber

On August 6, 2013 at 7:12 am

This walkthrough sucks, it hardly tells you anything, I’m looking for info on how to complete the missions all this guy did was retype the missions up on a list and call it a walkthrough, two thumbs down.


On July 19, 2014 at 2:01 am

What the **** kind of worthless walkthrough is this?
Stephenie Meyer writes better than this.