Orcs Must Die! 2 – Family Ties Booster Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Rush Hour
  • Breakneck Triad
  • Triple Threat
  • Rush Hour

    1. Welcome to the second booster pack to Orcs Must Die 2, this time featuring two new weapons and a new trinket.
    2. You’ll also have to deal with two new enemy types – the Ball and Chain and the Hobgoblin Healer.
    3. Before you begin any of the levels, check out the new gear in the Spellbook. Here, you’ll find the Stone Staff and Teleportation Ring.
    4. The Stone Staff is a very powerful new weapon. It can fire bursts of stones at enemies or turn multiple opponents into stone with its secondary attack. It’s a great weapon for crowd control.
    5. For the Stone Staff, equipping the Unique 1 upgrade will give you the power to deal extra damage to stoned enemies, giving you plenty of extra power when dealing with the big tough Ball-and-Chain Orcs.
    6. I’d recommend bringing the Stone Staff with you for these levels, or at least giving it a try. It doesn’t have the Ice Effect, but it is a more all-around useful weapon.
    7. The Teleportation Ring is purely a support weapon. It’s great when dealing with large mobs at multiple angle, especially if you place the Teleport Marker right where incoming enemies are arriving.
    8. When you teleport to the marker, you’ll create a large explosive blast that can be upgraded to set enemies on fire or freeze them.
    9. This isn’t just great for laying traps, if you use close-range weapons like the Bladestaff or Dwarfen Hammer, you can zip right into enemy lines and get in some clean hits before zipping away by quickly setting a marker then teleporting.
    10. Last, you’ll have access to an all new trinket called the Jar of Ghosts. This is actually very useful, especially if you can find room for it. Passively, it’ll put a fear effect on any enemy that hits players. When active, it’ll create a spooky image that frightens any enemies nearby.
    11. Enough overview, let’s get started with the first level of the DLC campaign.
    12. Rush Hour looks simple enough. An X-shaped map, with two Horde-doors in the north, and two escape portals toward the south, with a single focal point where both paths converge in the center.
    13. The center path isn’t the perfect place for traps. You’ll want to begin construction in the narrow hallway leading to the center where you can also drop down ceiling traps like the Dart Spitter, Haymaker, or Pounder.
    14. If you’re not interested in ceiling traps, the center area is probably your best bet at fighting off these hordes.
    15. Also, notice the new enemy highlighted – the Hobgoblin Healer. These Hobgoblins are similar to Shamans, except the Healers will constantly heal enemies but won’t be able to bring them back to life.
    16. As usual, bring weapons so you can target the Healers and Shamans as they appear. They’re your top priority.
    17. When you’re ready, unleash the horde.
    18. The first wave features Gnoll Hunters and groups of Healers with Shamans. The Jar of Ghosts will prove very useful against Gnoll Hunters, as you can just activate it when they get close to scare them off. If they manage to hit you, they’ll just retreat anyway, giving you more time to pick them off.
    19. At the second wave, the northwest door will open, and Orcs will begin flooding from both doors. Otherwise, you’ll just have to deal with more of the same.
    20. More Healers and Shamans, and more Hunters. Boost your trap defenses, and place Paladins or Dwarves behind a line of tar to keep most of the hordes held back, even if some slip past you.
    21. At the third wave, you’ll start to see how the Healers and Shamans become a huge problem. The Shamans will revive the dead Healers, and the Healers will keep the Shamans alive. If you don’t take out the Shamans and the Healers quickly, you’ll be in trouble.
    22. That’s where the Stone Staff becomes very useful. Stoning the enemies make them impossible to revive and easy to kill. Its primary attack is also a targeted stone blast that’s very accurate and uses no mana, allowing you to pick these pesky enemies off from afar if you can flank a horde.
    23. For the rest of the level, it’s vitally important you have the tools to freeze and kill the healers and shamans that hang out together. If you can’t freeze them, you’ll need explosive barrels or other weapons that will kill them instantly.
    24. Any weapons that do damage-over-time, the Healers will just heal each other, and the Shamans will bring their allies back to life. If you can’t kill this combination quickly, then you’re going to have a very hard time with this mission.
    25. Wait until the groups of Healers and Shamans trudge over your traps, then run into their group and freeze them with Ice elemental powers or with the new Stone Staff. Use Voids or Teleportation traps to send the healers away, or Boom Barrels to get rid of them instantly.
    26. If you can handle the Shamans and Healers, you’ll be able to overcome this stage.

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