Orcs Must Die! 2 – Family Ties Booster Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Rush Hour
  • Breakneck Triad
  • Triple Threat
  • Breakneck Triad

    1. No more Healers or Shamans, but the horrible Ball and Chain is here. This enormous lady-Orc isn’t just tough, but she also strengthens nearby orcs.
    2. Again, you’ll have Gnoll Hunters to deal with. The Jar of Ghosts can helpfully repel them, it can also scare off deadly Kobold Sappers that appear here.
    3. Don’t forget to bring weapons or traps with fire and lightning elemental attacks. Swamp Trolls appear with Regular Trolls to make life harder.
    4. This is a decentralized map, where enemies will spawn from three portals and try to escape from your one door.
    5. There are preset traps down the two western approaches, but most of the traps you’ll find helpful are in the northern path. There, you can shoot the many mine carts to drop deadly lava onto dumb Orcs below.
    6. Start defending the southwest approach line. Each of the western paths are tight, so bring ceiling traps to really maximize your defensive cabapilities.
    7. You’ll face off against the Ball and Chain right away. Empowered Orcs are tougher and faster, and they’ll keep this effect even when the Ball and Chain is dead.
    8. Empowered Orcs appear with a spectral glow around their heads. Take them out quickly, but your priority should be on the Ball and Chain. As long as she lives, she’ll just empower more Orcs.
    9. Using any abilities to freeze her or poison her will save your life. You just need to bring her health down, using fire traps and poison darts will quickly defeat the giant.
    10. At the second wave, the northwestern portal will open, then the north portal during the third wave. The first two waves are practically identical, you just need to sell your traps quickly between waves so you can rebuild elsewhere.
    11. By the third wave, you’ll have even more orcs, with a group of Kobolds leading the charge. Be prepared for them, and use any damage-over-time traps or weapons to bring down the Ball and Chain as it appears.
    12. During the fourth wave, you’ll have Sappers coming from the west portals. Place elemental traps to prepare on the northwestern approach to deal with a Swamp Troll, then prepare yourself for the Ball and Chain coming from the Southwestern portal.
    13. The fifth wave starts with Sappers appearing from every portal. But, one good line of traps, enough to kill a single sapper, should get rid of the entire line of them. They’ll be so bunched together, one exploding sapper will knock the rest of them out.
    14. Then, the main attack will come from the northern path, with another B&C (Ball and Chain) appearing. If you want to cheaply fortify the northern path, place Tar just ahead of each mine cart track, keeping them in place longer so you can drop lava down onto their heads.
    15. By the sixth wave, you’ll need real defenses on the northern path. More Orcs will pour in from every angle with each coming wave, and most will arrive in the northern pass. Don’t forget about the other two, as more B&Cs will appear at each of the portals.
    16. The B&Cs are like all large enemies. If you get close, you can lead them around. If they do manage to get close to your escape door, just get close to beckon them to attack, then back off. It’ll buy you precious time to regain mana and freeze or stone them to finish the brutes off.
    17. At the eighth wave, three B&Cs will appear at each of the portals. Divide and conquer, but if they do manage to get through, make sure you’ve got a magical weapon ready to finish them off.
    18. The ninth wave is ever worse, as each portal will produce a B&C and a Swamp Troll. As long as you place elemental traps like Brimstone, the trolls will not survive long – but they’re still a huge annoyance. Bring a fire, lightning, or stone elemental weapon to defeat them.
    19. By the tenth wave, you’ll have two B&Cs at each portal. Keep fortifying each approach with traps, and try to stun or hold the B&Cs in your trap gauntlets as long as possible to keep hitting them with multiple traps. Lead them back in if you have to.

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