Orcs Must Die! 2 – Family Ties Booster Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Rush Hour
  • Breakneck Triad
  • Triple Threat
  • Triple Threat

    1. So begins the final level of this campaign. You’ll have to deal with a wide variety of enemies here, including the B&Cs and Healers. Thankfully, Shamans do not make an appearance.
    2. The Cyclops will make a return, with Armored Ogres, Sappers, and Gnoll Hunters rounding out the list of horrible enemies that’ll ruin your day.
    3. This stage is relatively simple, despite looking very complicated. Two doors lead down a single corridor to three exit portals.
    4. Starting the stage, make sure to bring floor traps, wall traps, and ceiling traps. Bring any weapons that’ll slow or freeze enemies — that’s very important! If you don’t freeze the Healers and large enemies, the Healers will keep the big enemies healed fully.
    5. The northwest door opens first, B&C and Light Orcs will be your first challenge. Again, try to freeze the big B&C right on top of your traps.
    6. The best place to build traps is down the central single hallway leading to the three portals. Here, you can load the hallway down with traps, serving as a strong last line of defense.
    7. During the second wave, Cyclops Mages will appear with Kobolds and Crossbow Orcs. The Mages need to be handled from long-range, or you can avoid their homing magic by ducking around corners or using the pillars.
    8. The Mages don’t take much damage, but Healers will arrive to keep them alive.
    9. At the third wave, the second door will open, but nothing particularly threatening will appear. You’ll have two groups to deal with, including another B&C with more Healers.
    10. The fourth wave gets much more challenging, as Mages, B&Cs, and Healers join with Crossbow Orcs to make that single lane of traps dangerous to stand in. Try to pick off Crossbow Orcs and Mages as you retreat, then let the traps do their work.
    11. Hide near the portals, then run forward. If you’ve placed enough traps in the central hall, most of the Mages should be stunned or preoccupied long enough for you to rush in and freeze a few of them.
    12. At the halfway point, Ogres will begin to appear. This is just an early sampler of what you’ll have to deal with. Deadly Gnoll Hunters will appear with them, so keep yourself shielded behind traps or use special weapons to keep them off you.
    13. A single hit from a Gnoll Hunter will poison and slow you, making your hero very vulnerable to attack.
    14. The sixth wave is similar to the sixth, except you’ll have to fight Sappers and Kobolds, but with a proper pile of traps down the central hallway, those Kobolds will never get through.
    15. The seventh wave includes the B&Cs again, with all their other enemies. Despite the combination of deadly enemies, at this point with a strong enough set of traps – just layer after layer of traps down the central corridor with the low ceiling, you’ll be able to handle the rest of the enemies.
    16. That center hallway will get clogged with B&Cs, Armored Ogres, and regular Ogres with Healers backing them up. Freeze them in place inside your trap gauntlet or slow them down however you can. The Stone Staff or any Ice-based weapon will work well here. The Teleportation Ring with the freeze unique upgrade will also do the trick.
    17. If you can keep the big guys trapped down the center hall where most, or all, of your traps should be you’ll have no problem taking out the rest of the waves.

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