Orcs Must Die! 2 – Fire & Water Booster Walkthrough

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  • Traffic Jammed
  • Double Decker
  • The West Wing

  • Traffic Jammed

    Before beginning this new 3-level campaign, you might want to open up your Spellbook. It’s also a good idea to try to finish the game before attempting this level.

    The DLC comes with three new traps. They start unlocked, so you won’t have to buy them. But, you’ll need to upgrade and equip unique abilities for all three.

    The first, and one of the most useful is the Floor Portal. This trap will teleport any enemy that steps on the panel back to the start. You can also set it to catch enemies on fire, or drop coins. This trap is best used further back in your trap gauntlets.

    The Dart Spitter is another powerful ceiling trap that’ll spray poison darts in every direction. This one you can set to charm or freeze enemies. This is most useful in tight hallways with very low ceilings to catch regular enemies.

    The last new trap is the Web Spinner. This webbing launcher on walls will slow any enemy by tangling them up. Burning enemies will remove the web effect, so it will limit your trap options.

    But, the Web Spinner has one of the best abilities in the game – its second unique upgrade will weaken enemies, making them take more damage.

    Now that you know, it’s time to jump into the first new DLC level – Traffic Jammer.

    This level appears relatively simple in design, but prepare for a struggle. There are two portals and two Orc doors where enemies will spawn in the north and western corners, converging in a central fork there the Orcs will try to enter the two portals.

    Thankfully, there’s plenty of tight spaces so ceiling traps are viable against the Orc hordes.

    Fire won’t do you much good in this stage, as the toughest enemies are both fire-based. Like Earth Lords, there are now Fire Lords. These powerful elementals will split into four Firelings when defeated, and the Fire Elementals will transform into two Firelings.

    To counteract the Fire Elementals and Lords, bring your Ice Amulet or any Ice-based traps. They’ll handily take care of the Fire monsters.

    Otherwise, you’ll just need to deal with the regular stable of basic Orc monsters. Light Orcs, Medium Orcs, Heavy Orces, Crossbow Orcs, and Kobold Runners.

    Bring Tar or Brimstone to stop those annoying Kobold Runners.

    Before you unleash the horde, begin constructing traps. Look in the very center of the map, you’ll see that both Orc Hordes will pass through the center. That’s a good place to start building.

    The first wave won’t cause many problems if you use the Ice Amulet to take care of those ugly Fire Elementals. The firelings are deadly, you’ll just need to run, as they get close they’ll burst – it takes several seconds, giving you enough time to back off before they explode.

    The second wave attacks from the northern door, but it’s just a copy of the first wave. The third wave is when the battle really heats up. You’ll have to deal with all Kobolds. Prepare yourself with slow traps like the new Web Spinner, Spikes, or even better, Brimstone.

    Use your Ice Amulet to freeze the Kobolds as they bunch up in the center. The real danger in this wave is being pincered by the Fire Elementals. If you’re going to take them out, making sure to carefully destroy the elementals so you have room to retreat.

    The fourth wave is when the Fire Lords show up. Build more traps in the center of the area. The Dart Spitter helps out here, poisoning groups of enemies as they cross the center of the level.

    The fifth wave is even worse, as you’ll have to deal with two Fire Lords, then another two Fire Lords mixed with Orcs and Crossbow Orcs. Guardians won’t do much good in this stage, it’s best to focus on a standard primary weapon, the Ice Amulet to back it up, and lots of traps.

    The sixth wave is a breather. As long as you keep your Ice Amulet handy, you’ll be able to deal with the tougher Fire Lords while your traps take care of most of the Orcs.

    The last two waves bring a massive amount of enemies, but as long as you keep expanding your traps and avoid those Firelings, you’ll be fine. Bring the Healing Amulet if you’re worried about your health.

    The seventh wave begins with Kobolds. Shoot them down from either the south or north door with your primary weapons while the traps pick off the other group of Kobolds. Afterward, it’s your standard mix of Orcs and Elementals.

    At the last wave, you’ll have to deal with everything all at once. If you’re well-equipped, and the center of the stage is full of traps, go ahead and load up with Paladin Guardians.

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