Orcs Must Die! 2 – Fire & Water Booster Walkthrough

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  • Traffic Jammed
  • Double Decker
  • The West Wing

  • Double Decker

    Next, we return to the mines. This time, you’ll be defending a door against two Orc Portals in the north and south. The only central location is far too close to the exit door, so you’ll need to build traps down each of the main two lanes.

    Ditch the Ice Amulet if you want, because this time you’ll have to deal with Waterlings. These tiny water elementals, instead of heading straight for you, will go for the rift instead. They’ll combine to form larger creatures, so bring Fire-based traps or the Flame Bracers.

    To help watch both approaches, you can begin building traps on the large tunnel slope leading toward the exit door from the southern rift. The northern rift path can be seen below this path, letting you take potshots at the other group, but you won’t have to deal with them all yet.

    On the ridge overlooking the northern path, setting up Archers can help weaken both enemy lanes.

    The first lane brings a group of Waterlings, with a Gnoll Hunter. The Waterlings, when defeated will spray water, making any nearby Waterlings more powerful when they cross the splatter of water they leave behind.

    The second wave makes this level much more difficult. Set up traps for the northern rift lane. The best place is right around the corner, in the narrow hall just south of the exit door. That might be too close for comfort, so prepare more traps ahead. More Archers with the Fire-Arrow upgrade will help out against the growing Water Lords.

    The Water Lords are tough, so you may need to get their attention to keep them out of the exit door. If they head for the door, get close and they’ll ignore everything else to try and attack you. Pull them away, just out of their reach, to whittle down their health and finish them off.

    It’s important to try to take out the Waterlings as soon as possible. Focus on building up your traps slightly more in one lane than the other, so you can hunt down the Waterlings with your primary weapons and Fire Bracers. The Fire Wall secondary can be incredibly deadly against the Water Lords.

    If you want a free Skull, you can grab one by looking down from the southern rift. Look down from the ledge to spot a narrow cave, but you’ll need to make a running jump to reach it. Attempt to get the skull at your own risk.

    One of the most useful new traps is the Dart Spitter, able to defend a large area and poison multiple enemies at once.

  • More Crossbow Orcs will arrive with even more Waterlings. As long as you keep putting down traps, with Brimstone really helping you take care of those Water Lords, you’ll be able to handle the following waves.
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