Orcs Must Die! 2 – Fire & Water Booster Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Traffic Jammed
  • Double Decker
  • The West Wing

  • The West Wing

    1. Hope you’re ready for Waterlings and Fire Lords working together. You’ll also have twice the Orc Doors to deal with at the beginning of the stage.
    2. Bring both Fire-Element and Ice-Element attacks. To be extra safe, bring Flame Bracers and the Ice Amulet with a primary weapon.
    3. The one saving grace, starting out, is that both of the southerwestern doors lead down the same path. Set your traps just south of the lower teleport door early to take out the most enemies.
    4. Bring Archers with you, too. You’ll have to deal with annoying Frostbats and Thunderbats, and bring your fully upgraded Blunderbuss to take out those flying enemies with relative ease.
    5. Use all your cash to construct a strong defense where the two Orc paths meet, or in the hallway up the steps.
    6. The first wave won’t offer much of a challenge. It’s all Orcs and Waterlings, but by the second wave you’ll have flying bats to annoy you.
    7. By the third wave, the northern door will open. That’s when your life will get difficult. Finish up any defenses you want to set in the southern approach, then run off to put down some traps down the single northern pathway.
    8. The third wave is pretty feeble, but it’ll be good practice for using the teleporters to switch between both approaches. It helps to build lots of traps near the norther teleporter too, so you can switch and help murder the Orc hordes.
    9. The fourth wave is similar to the third, except you’ll have to deal with Thunderbats at the southern lane. The fifth wave is all the southern lane, and it’s all Fire Lords and Fire Elementals coming through both southern doors. It’s a challenge without Ice-Element traps to help you.
    10. Thunderbats and Kobold Runners will follow the Fire Lords, use the long hall south of the rifts to pick off the Kobolds that make it through your traps and finish off the last Fire Lords with your primary weapon.
    11. The sixth wave is a real challenge without fire and ice traps to pick apart the huge number of Fire Elementals and Waterlings that attack.
    12. If your traps favor one type of elemental damage over another, focus on taking out the opposite elementals with your secondary weapons. If you have more Fire-Element traps, use the Ice Amulet, or vice versa.
    13. Wave eight consists of another massive group of Fire Lords from both sides. Run ahead and start taking them down with the Ice Amulet to thin them out, and don’t forget to bolster your defenses in the northern lane, even though most of your trouble will always come from the two southern doors.
    14. To take care of the ninth wave, focus on the skies with your long-range weapon. There are more Fire Lords, but the bats will be a much bigger threat to you and your guardians.
    15. The ninth waves returns a large number of enemies to the northern approach. Make sure to boost your trap defenses once again, and switch between the two locations quickly to manage the number of Orcs.
    16. Like usual, the last two waves are just a deadly enemy rush, combining every type of enemy in huge numbers. By now, you should have plenty of trap defenses set up to keep the baddies out.
    17. Pile on with Archers or Paladins to hold your trap guantlets, use your secondary weapons to quickly wipe out the elementals, and try to keep your head above water.
    18. Congratulations, you’ve mastered the medium-difficulty DLC campaign! Now, go try these new levels in Endless Mode, or continue into the Nightmare difficulty to fight even more new enemies.

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