Orcs Must Die! 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Edge
  • Tunnels
  • Chasm
  • The Crossing
  • Big Valleys
  • Hidden Gulch
  • Precipice
  • Servant Entrance
  • Passages
  • Corridors
  • Upstairs Downstairs
  • Crunch
  • Mirror Image
  • Wind Up
  • Twisted Halls
  • Crunch

    1. This is the most complicated map yet. There are two rifts that’ll get you to each side of the arena, with four orc doors at each of the four cardinal directions.
    2. The first door that opens is to the north. The orc hordes will have to take a long path to reach the rift, the southern door will have to take a similar path. The west and east doors can reach your rift far faster.
    3. By now, it’s a good idea to buy and equip the Trap Reset Trinket if you’ve been using lots of traps.
    4. The new enemy here is the Frostbat. There are two upper paths that are perfect for placing archers.
    5. On the long hallways south and north of the central rift platform, there is a Rolling Log Trap. Don’t forget to make good use of them.
    6. Place your traps near the center, otherwise it’ll be difficult to switch them out later on. Use your primary weapons to soften up the orc hordes during the first handful of waves. You’ll only need to deal with boring weak, medium, and heavy orc warriors.
    7. By the 3rd wave, you’ll need to defend against both the south and north orc doors. Place your traps in the narrow choke point right next to each of the teleporters.
    8. At the 4th wave, the east and west doors will open at once. Sell off your traps and construct new traps in the narrow hallways just ahead of each of the east and west doors.
    9. During the 5th wave, Frost Ogres will attack from both sides. Prepare yourself with fire-based traps. Brimstone or upgraded fire-arrow Arrow Traps will work well, but you’ll need to take them both out yourself. Extra Tar will slow them down and give you time to deal with both groups.
    10. Archers will also be able to help defend at each of the two corners of the center platform without stairs. They’ll be out of range of the flying Frostbats, and you’ll be too busy to want to have to deal with those creatures too.
    11. Lock down each of the four major choke points with more layers of traps. There are three spaces at each of the small steps leading into the central platform with your rift. These make a good last ditch defense. Build Tar to slow enemies, and place Paladins or Dwarfs.
    12. When you’ve filled each area with enough traps, just load down the center platform with more and more archers. These guys have long-range, and they’ll take apart most threats as they pass down the outer hallways and as they reach the center courtyard.
    13. If you pull through, you’ll be rewarded with the Bear Trap. These can be placed like Guardians or Boom Barrels, they’ll do a little damage and stun whatever they hit. Save these for slowing down big tough enemies.

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