Orcs Must Die! 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Edge
  • Tunnels
  • Chasm
  • The Crossing
  • Big Valleys
  • Hidden Gulch
  • Precipice
  • Servant Entrance
  • Passages
  • Corridors
  • Upstairs Downstairs
  • Crunch
  • Mirror Image
  • Wind Up
  • Twisted Halls
  • The Edge

    1. Prepared to kill lots of orcs? Jumping into the game, you’ll have to create a profile. Each profile is linked to a specific hero – either the War Mage or the Sorceress.
    2. The War Mage is your straight-forward basic damage-dealer hero. Beginners should go with him, and we’ll be using the War Mage for the majority of this walkthrough.
    3. The Sorceress possess many long-range or control abilities. She can charm orcs to fight on her side, or turn them into cuddly animals. If you want to play with friends, or are just feeling more adventurous, give the Sorceress a try.
    4. Both heroes start with different abilities that you’ll be able to upgrade as you earn skulls to spend. We’ll talk about that more soon. As you start, you’ll have no skull currency, so you’ll want to get started.
    5. Choose the first campaign level to begin. You’ll be shown a tutorial screen, but we’ll go over all the basics here.
    6. The goal is to keep orcs from escaping the area. To do so, you’ll lay trap, use your own abilities, or summon minions to assist you. All of these are bought with currency earned by defeated orcs.
    7. Orcs spawn from blue portals. You’ll be able to see the path they’ll atttempt to take to the exit by watching a small blue line.
    8. In the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see a blue circle with a number inside – that’s your Rift Counter, the number will tick down with each escaped orc. If it gets to zero, you lose.
    9. Right of the Rift Counter is the Wave Counter, that shows how many waves you’ll have to face in the stage. If you press [B], the default key, you’ll open the purchase menu. Before a wave of Orcs attacks, you’ll be able to see what kinds of Orcs you’ll be facing at the top of the screen, just mouse over their portraits for more information.
    10. At the bottom of the screen is your Loadout Bar, where you can assign traps and attacks for quick selection – each number corresponds to the same number on your keyboard.
    11. Right now, you only have access to a standard attack and two traps; Tar and an Arrow Wall. Equip all three to your bar.
    12. The Blunderbuss is the War-Mage’s standard attack. Left-click fires a shotgun-type attack, while right-click fires a time-delayed bomb.
    13. The stage itself is just a straight line. All you need to do to prepare is set plenty of traps. Tar only slows orcs down, but the Arrow Wall will fire a volley of arrows. Place your Arrow Walls near your Tar, so you can hit the slowed orcs multiple times.
    14. Start in the empty hall right of the blue portal. Place tar where you see blue traced lines – that’s where orcs will walk.
    15. When you think you’re ready to start, press [G] by default to begin the level.
    16. Orcs will begin to pour from the blue portal. For now, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt too much – these orcs will barely attack as long as you don’t stand near them. Keep your distance, and fire away with your blunderbuss.
    17. Using the secondary bomb ability can be very helpful if you’re overwhelmed, just limit yourself as it uses up blue mana. It recharges, so give yourself time and save it for when you really need it.
    18. You won’t need it much for this first wave. Kill off all the orcs, and you’ll be on the second wave.
    19. Between waves, you can sell off unneeded traps and switch out traps in your quick-select bar. While fighting orc hordes during a wave, you won’t be able to switch abilities – when you start a wave, you’re locked into your choices until the following wave.
    20. Remember to be careful where you place traps, because you won’t be able to sell them until a certain amount of waves are complete. Use space wisely, always check to see if a surface has enough room for more traps.
    21. Just like the first time, you’ll have all the time you need to prepare between waves. When you’re ready, hit [G] default to continue.
    22. When all the waves are done, you’ll be rewarded with new traps and skulls. Now, you can open your Spellbook – this is where you can buy weapons, traps, and more. If you click a trap, weapon, or whatever else you already own, you can also spend skulls to get upgrades.
    23. Buy whatever you like and continue on to the next level when you’re ready.

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