Orcs Must Die! 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Edge
  • Tunnels
  • Chasm
  • The Crossing
  • Big Valleys
  • Hidden Gulch
  • Precipice
  • Servant Entrance
  • Passages
  • Corridors
  • Upstairs Downstairs
  • Crunch
  • Mirror Image
  • Wind Up
  • Twisted Halls
  • Hidden Gulch

    1. This is a fairly straight-forward two-lane level layout, where you won’t have to worry about mine cart switches. But, there are some new features.
    2. First, you’ll see a large green door icon on your minimap. Those are teleporters, you’ll be able to quickly traverse the map with them.
    3. Another helpful addition are the Archer Guardians. These Guardians are best placed outside the main paths, where they can shoot orcs from safety. You don’t have access to them yourself yet, but they’ll be helpful here.
    4. All the usual monsters will show-up, everything you’ve faced so far. Except for the Bilebat, weak flying creatures that avoid floor traps. Your Archers will deal with them, or your primary attack.
    5. Barricades are useful, but not needed for this stage – the same goes for the Spring Trap.
    6. Build Arrow Wall or any floor traps just below where the Archers are positioned. The hall is slightly more narrow there, making it a better choke point.
    7. A combination of Arrow Walls, Tar, and Dwarf Guardians at each choke point will crush any opposition.
    8. Watch the skies for Bilebats, if you get close they’ll spray you with a poison bile. Shoot at them from afar, and take them out before they kill your Archers.
    9. At the fourth wave, you’ll have a breather to recollect.
    10. By the fifth wave, you’ll have to fight groups of Sappers. They’ll go right for your hero, so be prepared, you can be easily overwhelmed and killed. If you are, you’ll respawn near the objective.
    11. When the Sappers appear, lead them into your trap defenses. They’ll be much easier to wipe out. Standing behind some Tar and an Arrow Wall can make your job much easier.
    12. Once you reach the 7th wave, you’ll have some downtime. Your fallen Guardians will also revive.
    13. At the 8th wave, your traps and Guardians should be able to handle the orc hordes. Watch the skies, you’re on Bilebat duty. Kill them to keep your Guardians safe.
    14. The last challenge of the stage is two huge groups of Crossbow Orcs. Go nuts with your secondary abilities to wipe them out before they do too much damage to your Guardians.
    15. When the map is complete, you’ll unlock a Ceiling Trap, the Haymaker. It’ll spin and damage any enemies near the ceiling, or even near the ground if the ceiling is low.

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