Outlast: Whistleblower – Documents Locations Guide

Get every file folder hidden away in Mount Massive Asylum with GameFront’s document collectibles locations guide for Outlast’s new Whistleblower DLC. Each chapter houses informative confidential information in blue folders. Don’t stalk around in the dark without a little help. Check out every collectible location in the guide below.

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Collectible Documents & Archivist Guide

Note: Collectible documents are located throughout the environments in chapter. Look for blue glowing folders in the areas listed below.

Chapter: Hospital – 5 Documents

  • Document #1: After unlocking the airlock and witnessing the death of a doctor, you’ll enter a plastic-covered section of the labs. In the hall more doctors will run by. Instead of continuing forward, turn right and enter a side room covered with dead bodies. Turn right and enter the door to find the first document on the ground.
  • Document #2: Walking through the labs covered in plastic sheets, you’ll enter a surgery room with monitors hanging from the ceiling to the right just after collecting a key from a dead body. The document is sitting on a medical cart between two computers.
  • Document #3: Bursting through the brick wall to escape the fire, turn right and enter the open doorway. Look behind the altar at the back of the room.
  • Document #4: Moving on, you’ll enter a hallway with a spinning red light. Look for an open door on the left that leads into the bathroom stalls. Don’t go in the bathroom, instead turn right and open the door. Enter the ruined plastic hallway to find a locked airlock door with ripped plastic next to it. Enter the plastic, twist around and jump through the broken window, then enter the dark hall across from the window. The next document is deep in the darkness. It can be hard to spot, so scan the table at the end of the hall.
  • Document #5: Running through the dilapidated halls, you’ll enter a smaller lab through double metal doors. It’s a cleaner room with two machines straight ahead and desks to the right. The document is just in the corner on the desk, next to the chrome machines.

Chapter: Recreational Area – 1 Document

  • Document #6: Later in the chapter you’ll be able to pass through the basketball court to reach a ladder on the far side. Circle the booth at the top and climb over the junk to find the document inside.

Chapter: Prison – 1 Document

  • Document #7: Once you escape Walker, you’ll reach a hallway where a patient is writing messages in blood. Drop into the hole in the floor past him and continue through the door into a room with a computer. The one and only document for this chapter is on the desk to the right.

Chapter: Drying Ground – 2 Documents

  • Document #8: Returning to the exterior of the asylum, drop down the ledge on the right and turn around to find a set of double doors. Go through the windows to the left of the doors to find the document in the corner to your left.
  • Document #9: Continuing through the exterior, you’ll reach a sparking electrical fence to your right after climbing up stairs through an extremely dark area. Instead of going toward the fence, continue into the dark structure ahead of the steps. There’s another set of closed doors near the back with the document resting on the ground nearby.

Chapter: Vocational Block – 2 Documents

  • Document #10: Past the hanging body in the attic, you’ll eventually reach a doorway that’s blocked by a red tool cart. Instead of interacting with it, go into the darkness to the left. There’s a bed with a nightstand where you’ll find the next document.
  • Document #11: After the torture sequence, you’ll have to run and jump out of an open window. In the courtyard with the stone fountain, look right of the pond to find the document on the ground.

Chapter: Exit – 2 Documents

  • Document #12: Just at the start of the chapter, continue past the grated door with a vision of soldiers in the lit room, enter the hallway where you’ll hear gunfire in the distance. Ahead, there’s an office to the left. Go inside to grab the document on the inner desk.
  • Document #13: Entering the break room with a TV on the wall, leave through the door on the right and enter the open doorway to the right ahead. In the dark room, there’s a table with a document inside.

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