Outlast: Whistleblower – Recordings Locations Guide

Document the horrors of Mount Massive with our Outlast: Whistleblower notes locations guide. The terrifying insane asylum is loaded with spooky sights — don’t miss one of these unique events or images with the locations listed here.

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Recordings Locations Guide

Note: To capture a unique recording, use the camera to film the events listed below. These can be missed. If you’re running low on batteries, switch off Night-Vision mode to continue recording.

Chapter: Hospital – 5 Recordings

  • Recording #1: The first recording is automatically added after collecting the camcorder in the hospital.
  • Recording #2: While climbing through the hospital ducts, record a conversation between two guards visible under the grating. The first speaker starts with “… bad idea.”
  • Recording #3: Later, when you find a doctor locked in a chamber behind glass make sure to keep the camera out after pressing the glowing button. Record the killer patient until thee scene is over.
  • Recording #4: Entering the ruined cafeteria, stalk around the tables to find a psychopath butchering a body behind the glass. Record the scene to get another collectible.
  • Recording #5: Once you escape the fire and return to the abandoned halls of the hospital, continue on until reaching a spinning red light in the hallway. Take a turn left through an open door, then another left to find bathroom stalls. Record what’s inside the middle closed stall.

Chapter: Recreational Area – 2 Recordings

  • Recording #6: Go down the stairs and immediately turn right to find a fence gate. Go through and look directly up at the building to your right. There’s a lit window above the archway. Watch it to spot a creep to the left yell from an open window.
  • Recording #7: Further in, you’ll reach stone stairs with a landing, leading to stairs leading left or right. Take the left path and go through the open fence. Down the alley, turn right to find a gated opening where you can view a creature playing basketball.

Chapter: Prison – 1 Recording

  • Recording #8: Just after escaping Walker, continue down the dark hall to find a grated door where a patient is writing messages in blood down the hallway. Take out the camera and record the scene.

Chapter: Drying Ground – 2 Recordings

  • Recording #9: After shutting off the power near the electrical fence, you’ll return and find a patient turning the power back on. Have your camera ready and watch the power grid above the fence to capture the scene.
  • Recording #10: Climbing a ladder out of the pond, look right for a hole in the door. Equip the camera and watch the lit door as you crawl under the door.

Chapter: Vocational Block – 5 Recordings

  • Recording #11: Making your way through the vocational block’s attic, watch for a hanging corpse in the dark in your path. Turn on Night Vision to spot him early, and make sure you’re recording when you approach.
  • Recording #12: This is hard to miss. Passing through an area with sewing machines, you’ll find a disgusting scene of a doctor giving birth to the right, after passing through hanging tarps.
  • Recording #13: After escaping the torture sequence on the saw-blade table, turn and record the bloody device before moving on.
  • Recording #14: There’s no way to miss this one. Climbing through the vent, you’ll drop down inside a terrifying gymnasium. Record the ceiling display to get another collectible recording.
  • Recording #15: After the cutscene, you’ll fall over and get back up to view a body hanging from the ceiling. Record him too.

Chapter: Exit -3 Recordings

  • Recording #16: Just as the chapter starts, look out the window to the left to spot the burning church in the distance.
  • Recording #17: Continue down the hallway to find a grated locked door blocking a lit room. Look inside to spot soldiers surrounding a dead body in the center of the room.
  • Recording #18: Entering the exit doorway in the lobby, there’s a wounded man in the passageway. Record him to complete the recordings.

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