Silent Hills Demo: P.T. Solutions & Completion Guide

Silent Hills Norman Reedus reveal

The twisting ARG-alike P.T. demo out now on Playstation 4 was revealed to be a playable teaser for Silent Hills recently, but unlocking the teaser for yourself feels almost impossible. That’s why the horror nuts at GameFront are here to provide step-by-step instructions to overcome every puzzling section of P.T.

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Solutions & Completion Guide

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The demo consists of a single L-shaped hallway. At the end of the hall there is a passage with steps and a door. At some points, the protagonist will also appear inside a concrete chamber before stepping into the main hallway.

Occassionally this layout will change or alter. The goal of each “cycle” is to reach the door at the bottom of the steps and walk through. Every time you step through you’ll reappear at the start of the hall.

First Locked Door

Continue through the area until the stairwell door is locked. Back-track to the starting point of the hallway — the bathroom door should shutter as you pass by.

Return to the stairwell door to exit this cycle. The door will unlock after back-tracking.

Second Locked Door – Cracked Open Bathroom Door

In the next cycle, the stairwell door will close before your eyes. Walk up to the door, and you will hear a loud creaking. Turn around to discover the bathroom door is slightly open.

Look into the dark bathroom and focus your view. Hold down [R3] to get a scare and the door will slam shut.

Once the door shuts, the exit should open.

First Ghost Appearance

In the next cycle, a creature will stand in the entrance foyer. Approach it and the lights will go out. Now the path to the exit door is available to you.

Open Bathroom

Following the ghost vision, the cycle will feature an open bathroom door. Go inside and zoom in on the flashlight on the tile floor to collect it. Now, for the most part, you’ll have a flashlight to illuminate the darkness.

After collecting the flashlight you’ll be locked inside the bathroom. Peer down at the crying creature inside the bathroom sink, then look into the mirror. The door should open, giving you free passage to the exit.

Gouge the Eyes Out

Stepping back into the dark hallway, look in the entrance foyer for a portrait with a large “X” on it next to the radio. Press [X] to gouge a hole into the picture, unlocking the exit door.

Hanging Fridge Cycles

Continue through the hallways with a bloody refrigerator hanging above the front door. Keep going through the exit — you’ll notice you’re trapped in an infinite loop.

To the right of the front door, a new message will appear: I can hear them calling to me from

Move through the loop two more times after this message first appears. Next, walk to the telephone near the window on the cabinet where the hallway turns right. Walk from the telephone and back to the scrawled message until the letters H-E-L-L are filled in.

Now you can leave through the exit and begin the next cycle.

Infinite Red Hallways

Pass through the hall with the deep red lamp, and you’ll enter a nightmarish version of the hallway with twitching eyeball paintings. You can now run through the infinite halls.

Keep running and watch for a fallen painting to your right. It should be near the cabinet with the phone, on the opposite wall of the bathroom shower/tub.

Look for the missing painting. There’s a tiny peep hole in the wall. Focus in on the hole with [R3] and hold it until the noise inside the bathroom stops.

Keep viewing until you’re automatically kicked out. Now the hallway will end, leading to the exit door.

Glitch Cycle

This next locked cycle ends automatically. The hallways are lit up and relatively normal. Wander around until the screen tears and it appears to crash the game.

Collect the Photo Fragments

The cycles will now repeat infinitely with a series of alternating flashlight colors but no apparent changes to the hallway.

To continue, you’ll need to locate six photo fragments. To collect them, find the torn piece and zoom in [R3] until the image above the phone cabinet is complete.

  • Fragment #1: The first fragment from the start of the hallway is to your right. Look inside the potted plant’s vase, near the digital clock stand.
  • Fragment #2: Beside the plant, look on the floor among the trash at the base of the digital clock stand.
  • Fragment #3: In the corner of the phone cabinet, next to a discarded teddy bear on the floor.
  • Fragment #4: Look up after passing the bathroom. In the upper corner the fragment is stuck on the wooden ceiling work.
  • Fragment #5: Reach the exit door then turn around and look in the steps to find this tricky piece.
  • Fragment #6: The last piece is notoriously tricky to find. Open the options menu with [Select] then press [R3] to collect it from the brightness display.

With all the pieces, you can leave through the exit door and start a new loop.

Final Puzzle

To complete P.T. you’ll need to solve a final complicated last puzzle. There isn’t yet a 100% fool-proof consensus for how to finish this challenge, so there may be multiple solutions.

Let’s start from the beginning. In the final cycles, a clock will ring to mark midnight. You can return to the digital clock to see it is now “00:00″ — leaving your current cycle will reset the clock.

First, you’ll need to wait in a cycle until the clock rings midnight. After that, you need to hear a baby laugh 3 times so that the phone rings.

Walk around after midnight — ten steps appears to always trigger a baby’s laugh. This is the first.

To illicit the second laugh, you’ll need a microphone — either a headset or the Playstation camera’s built-in mic will work. After the first baby laugh, make idle noise (Background music, talking, etc. should work) into the mic until a second laugh is heard.

Once you hear the second audio effect, immediately stop walking. Don’t touch the controller. Don’t press buttons, move, or look around. The controller will begin to vibrate. As long as you stand still, the vibration will grow stronger.

After a certain amount of time standing still, the baby will cry for a third time. Following all three cries, a phone will ring.

Focus on the ringing phone for several seconds and a voice will say “You’ve been choice.” followed by the sound of an unlocking door. Now you can exit, confident in an impossible job well done. If the phone is ringing, stand over it and focus in on it until you hear a voice.

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8 Comments on Silent Hills Demo: P.T. Solutions & Completion Guide


On August 16, 2014 at 4:32 am

For the final part I have done it twice now without a headset. The bloody paper bag on the table at the starting room before you start the cycle gives you a clue and tells you that all you can do is walk, so basically that’s all you do.The first baby laugh will trigger after midnight after taking 10 steps. For the second you must be WALKING when the music starts I’d suggest the hallway with the clock as this is where I was both times. The music will play for 60 seconds. The second laugh should come and the controller will vibrate, DONT MOVE A MUSCLE. The 3rd laugh should happen once the controller stops vibrating and then the phone will ring. Just on a note, on the second playthrough I had a blue torch and didn’t have the torch previous at all until this puzzle, also I had the red screen at the glitch not the yellow one whereas on my first I had the torch and yellow screen but I don’t think it makes a difference.

zombies _8_u2

On August 17, 2014 at 1:18 am

you dont need a mic if you have ps4 cam a mic is in the cam had my game paused and my daughter was screaming at my son and it made the baby laugh why paused


On August 17, 2014 at 1:27 pm

I don’t have the headset because I borrowed the ps4 from my cousin so I could play this demo but I did plug in my Smartphone headset which also has a microphone, however I have no idea if this had anything to do with the end result.
Here is how I got through it:
After collecting all the pieces of the photograph I moved on to the next loop, I tried a bunch of walkthroughs I found on the internet and nothing worked. I restarted the loop 2 more times until I decided to pause the game and do a little more research. Literally like 2 seconds after unpausing I turned around took a few steps and the ing ghost charged at me, I shat my pants. I turned around went the other way and the ghost grabbed me. I died. Started in the small room again, investigated the bag in the corner, it said all I could do is walk, it was going to say something else but the audio and subtitles cut out and the bag kept on wiggling. I moved on, opened the door and I just stood there, didn’t move a muscle. Clock struck midnight, creepy sounds started and faded away and the baby laughed, all the while standing still in the same place. After the first baby laugh I started moving along the corridor, I went up and down a few times, I started getting freaked out at the ambience and the stupid woman crying; (from the moment the creepy music started I was saying “Please, please, please leave me alone, I’m sorry, I don’t want , just leave me alone Mrs. ghost.” out loud) then I did the following, I walked up to the front door, read the text that says something about hell, went down the steps, read the text above the door, came back, moved ahead and looked up at the balcony and I heard the second baby laugh! I don’t know what the hell triggered it but it worked. I stood perfectly still just hoping that stupid ghost wasn’t going to apear in the balcony, the controller started to vibrate gently and it got gradually more intense. After the vibration stopped I heard the third baby laugh and right after the phone started to ring. I walked up to it, zoomed in, pressed X and nothing would happen, after a while of doing this I heard “You’ve been chosen” and something unlocking, I went down the steps and out the door and I got the ending. Hope this helps someone out.


On August 17, 2014 at 9:04 pm

I think the secret in beating this demo is to quit on it, we literally were all walking out the room to turn it off when that final baby giggle went off.


On August 17, 2014 at 9:08 pm

I can confirm Neptunez05 method worked first time for me instead of talking into the mike I just played music and put the mic up close


On August 18, 2014 at 12:10 pm

Finally.. I was seeing this video:
Maybe you dont need to walk towards the radio (it’s exactly 10 steps from the radio to the phone). After 1st jiggle I just put the PS4 microphone near my laptop’s speeker and went out for a smoke.. When I returned, the telephone was ringing.


On September 3, 2014 at 7:42 pm

Actually the last puzzle is simple,, ten steps for first baby giggle, and then try to meet lisa… and she possesses you…. after that no more haunting music…. instead you will get heavy breathing every time you stand still…. go to the bathroom and look in the mirror… and zoom in to the water in the bathtub… because you can’t trust tap water….. and second giggle starts…. after that it’s the same as any other solution


On September 11, 2014 at 9:11 pm

I can verify that after getting the first baby laugh triggered my husband and I paused the game (we DID have a headset plugged in, however not sure that made any difference) for several minutes while we watched a video and probably 3 minutes or so in the baby laughed a second time. We I paused it and stood there and after a minute the control began to vibrate and then we got the third laugh and the phone call. It doesn’t seem anything is really required to trigger the second since some folks got it while being in game play.