Paradox Boss: The Next Console Generation Will “Probably Be The Last”

Paradox head man Fredrik Wester, happy that his company had improved earnings in the digital space by 97% in 2011 — probably thanks to incessant Steam sales — believes that the future of gaming is exclusively in open platforms like the PC and phones and social networks, he said at the Paradox showcase in Stockholm this week.

The next generation of console hardware will probably be the last. I’d be surprised if we see another generation after that.

The problem with that thought is that a lot of folks like having their dedicated games machines, and they don’t want to spend a hell of a lot of money on a high-end PC that’ll be obsolete before a game console will.

I’d be surprised if we don’t see another generation after the next.

via VG247

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3 Comments on Paradox Boss: The Next Console Generation Will “Probably Be The Last”


On January 21, 2012 at 4:48 am

I said the exact same thing, and I do believe that will be how it is, TV’s are almost there since they now come with wifi built into them, after the next gen consoles come out that will give the industry and most home owners a chance over the course of a decade to purchase a TV with the software and technology built into them to connect to any wireless or wired pc in the home and stream the game directly to it bypassing the need for a console.

Everything’s wireless with all the multimedia tools at you’re finger tips.

If we do see another gen of console’s I really don’t think it’ll be anything to be excited about, sort of like a wii, it’ll be outdated hardware that plays games years behind current standard, mostly trying to take a buck from the people that cant afford more then one or two hundred dollars for a TV entertainment pc package that would probably sell close to four to six hundred dollars or more depending on what you want.


On January 21, 2012 at 11:06 am

Consoles as we know them are on their way out.

Next gen will most likely benefit out of the box from “family” type devices and services Like Apple or Sony pretty much have been pushing these past few years.

They will have better streaming and digital services and will be media centers rather than gaming consoles, current gen consoles are half way there anyways.

PC is also keeping up, you won’t need a 1000 dollar PC to play next gen quality titles, AMD APUs despite what many people think are actually very effective performance vs cost and you can get a full machine that destroys current consoles for around 400 bucks give or take what kind peripherals you get with them, its more of a matter who makes games having the ability to sit back and properly make good compromises between quality\performance instead of piss poor console ports.

Despite TVs having wifi and streaming capabilities they would either need some serious hardware in them for gaming or make very good use of cloud based services or just purely streaming content.

The most successful communication devices have gaming as one of the primary functions and any new device is quick to sell itself as gaming capable, games sell hardware no matter what kind so I don’t think “consoles” will be entirely gone as with any piece of tech they will adapt.

There is a market for high production titles as well small and casual games despite indie development having a steady growth I don’t think people will be converted to that sort market exclusively, people will want cutting edge tech and software to go with it.
Not only that but people still enjoy getting that physical disc in their shelves despite how much digital distribution grown I think retail has dropped purely due to the versatility and cost efficiency of digital distribution.

If you enjoy games as long there is enough of them on any device then it becomes a potential buy and potential buys are doors for possible markets so no matter if its consoles or pc or handhelds, digital or retail.

Many of these guys who excel in digital services and distribution say the very same thing “consoles are dead, the future is mobile and casual and blah blah blah” I honestly call that pure attention whoring.

In order to excel in retail you need big bucks and\or a great deal of marketing finesse, a good chunk of these who excelled in digital\casual\mobile\etc mediums failed to be good at retail so adapted and digital services grew left and right.

Maybe I just felt like saying a lot but oh well my 2 bucks on this matter.

Brandon J. Clark

On January 22, 2012 at 7:26 am

I guess my take is that all of the money that goes into making a system proprietary, the mess of incompatibility and general sky-high prices of nearly every console game, good or bad, is bringing people back to the PC like never before.

DD services like Steam, Impulse and others are helping that too, obviously.