PAX 2010: Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad Video Preview

Twipwire’s 2006 FPS Red Orchestra: Osfront 41-45 offered an alternative to Halo, Call of Duty and Battlefield. The physics and combat mechanics were ultra realistic, amping up the immersion and realism in place of over-the-top explosions.

We caught up with Twipwire’s President John Gibson, who gave us a tour of the upcoming sequel Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad.

Here’s some good stuff we noticed:

Dynamic Music:

The score, composed of Mass Effect composer Sam Hulick, features two completely different soundtracks depending on if you’re playing as Russian or German forces. The game actually tracks the morale of both teams. If you’re doing well, you’ll hear triumphant music. If you’re doing poorly, stuff will sound somber.

Intuitive Cover System:

Press a key to engage cover, and push away to disengage.

Slow Death:

If you get shot in the stomach, you’ll be able to take a few dying shots before you perish.

Countdown Game Type:

You have one life per team member, per objective. After an objective is completed, all of the dead players respawn and move with the rest of the team. There is an actual “countdown” timer on each objective, forcing players to work together quickly to take down each objective.

Rotating Cover System:

Take cover behind a door, and rotate the mouse around the door to peek your head out, and then pop right back in.

Weight System:

The amount of weapons you can carry is dependent on “weight.” You can usually carry two primary weapons. Carry more, and you’ll become encumbered and move slowly, a’la Fallout 3 or similar RPG systems.

Unit Orders:

As a commander, you can give your individual fire teams “orders.” You can micromanage them to attack, fall back, etc.

Sniping System:

The visuals are greatly enhanced. The perimeter of the scope is blurred, giving it a realistic appearance. You can also customize the “range” of the sniper rifle, dialing down the cross hairs for precise aiming.
Also, each sniper rifle has the ability to switch to regular “rifle mode,” so you can look down the rifle sites and shoot at close range.

Recon System:

You can call in spy plans, which canvas enemy territory, and radio back information about the enemy’s position to your squad leaders on the ground.

Forced Respawn:

A commander can manually bring all of his dead forces back into battle instantly, and potentially turn the tide. This ability functions on a cool down period, so it can’t be abused.

Artillery Drops:

The original game features standard artillery. It’s expanded in this game, to include mortars, all the way up to massive rocket strikes. These attacks are so large, they’re only featured on bigger levels in the game.

Check out Twipwire Interactive President John Gibson as he walks us through some new features in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad at PAX 2010. You can download the video here or watch it below.

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