PAX 2011: Borderlands 2 Will Feature Cameos by Borderlands Characters

In a special PAX presentation, Gearbox showed a play-through of a mission from Borderlands 2. Unfortunately there was no filming allowed in the video room (probably a good thing considering the Borderlands 2 journalism controversy). The protagonist was a Gunzerker class character. Similar to the Bezerker, he’s a big tough brawler. But when he activates his special he gets to dual wield guns instead of fists. Also shown was a new Siren character. Her special abilities are also all new, though the presenter declined to comment on them. As the Siren joined the Gunzerker, the Gearbox presenter remarked that it will be easier to join friend’s missions already in progress without having to go back and complete prerequisite quests.

The Gunzerker started off in an arctic wasteland, where he had been left for dead. His first challenge was fending off an attack of Yeti-like snow monsters, one of which threw a car at the player. The Gunzerker responded by emptying a clip into the monster and then throwing his gun at it. Apparently there is a new brand of gun known as a TDR that you never reload but simply throw away when the clip runs out. Ironically, throwing the gun did more damage then the bullets, that’s what you get for buying disposables.

After killing a few Yeti’s the Gunzerker set about trying to locate “his friend.” According tot he story, before being left for dead, he had a buddy who was kidnapped by someone known as “Handsome Jack.” To locate him, the player had to fight his way through some of the classic Psychos, who have been upgraded to take realistic damage and actually limp around after a leg shot.

Eventually the player located his comrade-in-arms who turned out to be none other than Roland, the soldier from the first game. He was captured by Hyperion robots and was being transported to Handsome Jack when the player showed up. The presenter let us know that that all of the characters from the first game would be returning as NPCs.

To save Roland you had to fight one of Handsome Jack’s soldiers who had tied a midget to a shield and was using the poor little guy to collect lead. Fortunately, the player shot the chains off and freed the midget! The angry little psychopath attacked the soldier but sadly, ended up getting squished by his massive metal shield. On the upside, he served his purpose as a distraction and the Gunzerker proved victorious.

One problem I had with the original Borderlands was that there wasn’t much visual diversity in the different areas. This time around, Pandora has some green fields and arctic areas to change things up. The movie looked like it was bringing the classic Borderlands action with a bunch of great new updates. Fans of the original and new players alike should be thoroughly pleased.

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On August 29, 2011 at 5:42 pm

this one looks more cartoon like, cool.