SWTOR Dev: Groupfinder Is Priority 1; Cross-Server Warzones May Follow

Speaking with Game Front at PAX East, SWTOR Game Director James Ohlen explained that a Groupfinder feature is the team’s first priority moving past update 1.2, and that following its successful implementation, cross-server PvP will be on its way.

On the topic of a Looking for Group feature, Ohlen said:

Groupfind is actually our number one priority past update 2. It’s something that’s very important for the endgame, because players get a little bit frustrated basically waiting in the Fleet trying to get a group together to do an Operation or a Flashpoint.

What we’re seeing, or what our telemetry tells us, is because of that, a lot of people are playing PVP, because it’s so much easier to get into. So we want to make our PVE content easier to get into, and Groupfinder’s the best way to do that. Update 3 is essentially the Groupfinder update.

When asked about the possibility of aserver-wide system, Ohlen said:

We have worked on cross-server Warzones. Once you have a large population to draw on for PVP, you can do a lot more PVP features. When you only have 2000 people on a shard to draw from, you have to kind of limit the amount of things you’re going to do, because you’re weighing the speeds for a Warzone to pop versus how much a player can customize his experience. The more a player customizes his experience, the smaller he makes the group of players he draws upon to get into that experience. When you have 200,000 people to draw on, suddenly that open things up. We’re going to definitely do that with PVP – not with the PVE content with dungeon-finder, not for Update 2. We really want to see how Groupfinder works before we get into that.

The implementation of cross-server Warzones is a divisive topic in the community — some want it in order to reduce Warzone queues, while others don’t for fear of shattering the sense of server community. Where do you stand?

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4 Comments on SWTOR Dev: Groupfinder Is Priority 1; Cross-Server Warzones May Follow

Timo Kinnunen

On April 7, 2012 at 4:38 pm

The level 50s standing around their Flashpoint portals in the Fleet have it good compared to level 10s to 45s out there in the world leveling alts who would like to do level-appropriate Flashpoints.


On April 8, 2012 at 11:37 am

what bioware needs to do is combine servers, on release date i joined one of the biggest servers, now its medium or low pop like all the others except the fatman server. there is like 2-8 people on every PLANET… which is absurd, start combining servers before this game dies of boredom, i want world pvp as much as warzone pvp, but i cant world pvp when it takes 5 hours to find 1 person on a planet. and second, look at WoW, you dont have to test groupfinder/crossrealm pvp on swtor ffs… WoW has done it and its a huge success so stop delaying and get to it bioware


On April 9, 2012 at 3:17 am

Groupfinder is nice. Personally there should be an option when you queue for PVP for it to be either Cross-realm or just your server. That way if you simply want to PVP with your community than you can.


On May 21, 2012 at 8:41 am

At this point the game will be dead before bioware gets there head out of thier ass