Payday 2 Multiplayer Guide

Table of Contents

  • General Strategy Tips
  • Heists


    Day 1

    • After cutting through the fence, look up towards the top of the building on the right to pick off the first guard with your silencer as you descend the darkened hillside and jump onto it to survey the area ahead by looking down over the side of the roof.
    • Make a right u-turn at the first blue trailer to descend the steps in the corner ahead and follow the alley around to make your next left up another set of stairs, then flank the guards in the area at the top to remove them safely.
    • Upon finding the weapons in the correct hangar, you have the choice of either stealing them or destroying them. To destroy the weapons, ignite the nearby fuel to cause a fire and toss them into the flames.
    • During the time it takes to either steal or burn the weapons, move between the cluster of cars in the surrounding area as a means of cover to fend off the constantly approaching wave of enemies.

    Day 2

    • To enter the office building in a covert manner, vault over the hedges to the right of the entrance and jimmy open the locked door on the other side.
    • Another way into the office is by approaching the left side of the building from the start, cutting through the fence and pick the lock of the door in the corner ahead to the right.
    • Once you’ve broken into the server room and started drilling through the security door or barrier behind it, crouch down in a corner that faces and deploy a health or ammo bag nearby to prepare to defend the device until it’s finished the job.
    • If a police assault is inevitable while you are drilling through the various security measures, they are mostly likely to approach from the courtyard area along the side of the building’s exterior which is narrow enough to be successfully defended with a shotgun and trip wires.
    • Pick the locked door on the left side of the building’s first floor to drill or blow through the gate behind it and steal the stacks of cash from within to increase your income at the end of this heist even further.
    • If you work as a team, the upstairs corridors are ideal for fending off the police invasion by setting tripwires and initiating flanking maneuvers by dashing straight through the windows of an office to suddenly attack enemies around the next corner.
    • The easiest escape route from this location is found by exiting into the side courtyard on the first floor and sprinting across the street ahead to reach the van on the other side.

    Day 3

    • Reference the hints and tips laid out on the Bank Heist page of this guide, since the locations and missions are nearly identical in nature.
    • Once the vault door initially proves to be electrified, you’ll need to ascend to the roof of the bank and break into the secured room at the top to shut off the power.
    • Search all of the safet deposit boxes inside the vault to eventually find a bag of gold and bring it back to the van to cash it in at the end of the heist.
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