Payday 2 Multiplayer Guide

Table of Contents

  • General Strategy Tips
  • Heists

    Big Oil

    Day 1

    • To reach the house without stepping on any land mines, make a left as soon as you pass through the gate ahead and hug the outside wall to approach the back of the building and enter it via the rear porch.
    • The Shotgun may be a preferable weapon choice for this heist as it will come in handy for eliminating the gang members within the close confines of the house you have to clear.
    • There is a make-shift security station on the second floor of the house where you can hack into the various camera feeds and survey the surrounding area for tactical planning.
    • If you are able to complete this mission with total stealth, you’ll be able to collect vital assets for the heist on Day before the bikers are able to burn them. There are three assets located on the balcony’s table, in the room at the top of the stars on the second floor and in the room above the garage on the first floor.
    • A safe escape can be made from the house by descending into the garage, following the driveway uphill to pass through the open gate at the top and approaching the nearby van on the right.

    Day 2

    • To enter the building as covertly as possible: Move forward up the road in front of you to take the next path ahead on the left and stay low as you follow it around to reach the back of the house, then take out the nearest patrolling guard from behind with your silencer and walk across the rear patio to pass through the first door on the left
    • Stay low and move slow if you decide to proceed through house in a stealthy manner, then look cautiously around each wall to either confirm the coast is clear or eliminate a guard and continuously look up towards the corners above to check for security cameras.
    • Use an ECM Jammer to break into the server room if you want to override the security system before clearing out all the guard while still remaining quiet.
    • To make sure none of the downed guards are discovered, it is most advisable to bag their bodies and leave the house completely to hide them in the surrounding forest.
    • The most time-consuming part of this mission is choosing the right engine from the lab so that the helicopter can take it away without having to return. If you choose incorrectly, you’ll have to wait for the helicopter to travel back from the house and the arduous process of moving another engine will start all over again. Here are some steps to take to make sure you pick the right engine on the first try.
      1. Search the lab for an open notebook with the name of a gas written on it and remember it for future reference.
      2. Approach the whiteboard in the lab with that same gas written on it and remember the color of can it represents.
      3. Look for another piece of notebook paper with a series of equations and symbols written on it to remember the last number that’s multiplied against a letter. This letter will match up with one the gas you found on the whiteboard and the number represents how many cables are protruding from that specifically colored can.
      4. Search for a computer screen with a green and white grid, then remember the PSI calculation you see in the top right corner. Convert the PSI number into bars (with the help of the internet) to find the amount of pressure that will appear on the correct gauge.
      5. Move from each engine available in the lab to the next until you find one that has the correctly colored can, the right amount of cables and a psi gauge that matches with the calculation you found earlier.
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