Payday 2 Multiplayer Guide

Table of Contents

  • General Strategy Tips
  • Heists


    Day 1

    • As soon as the rear truck door opens, open fire on the line of police outside by sweeping your weapon from side-to-side and sprint into cover behind the piles of crates on the left.
    • Once you are in cover, turn back around to clear out the nearby police and make a break for the staircase in front of the truck, so you can find shelter in the room on the left at the top.
    • When you enter the room at the top of the first staircase in front of the truck, smash out all three windows so that you now have a clear line of sight to snipe the officers on the ground below and on the rooftop across the way.
    • You can dig in for a long time in the room at the top of the first staircase, by repeatedly alternating between windows to clear out the police approaching from various directions and by ducking down every so often to reload or heal.
    • When tossing the coke bags into the pick-up truck, stand on the window sill to look straight down into the bed and drop the bags to ensure they hit their mark.
    • The simplest way to escape from the second floor of the warehouse is by taking the direct approach. Sprint back down the previous staircase to head towards the line of police cars behind the truck and turn left on the sidewalk to take cover around the wooden crates, then take a moment to pick off whatever enemies you can and proceed towards the objective marker by moving low alongside the various vehicles.
    • In order to escape by truck, you’ll need to reach the getaway driver quickly and protect the vehicle before the police are able to kill him. If the driver is killed, you’ll need to find a safe location to dig into until a helicopter arrives and you can approach it to escape.

    Day 2

    • As soon as the heist begins, run out in front of the opening in the wall on the right and eliminate whatever police you see with a quick burst of gunfire.
    • After collecting the bags, split up the team between the opening in the fence on the left and the opening in the fence on the right so that the police in pursuit will be forced into confusion upon entering the maze of shipping containers ahead.
    • Drop your bags near the building’s entrance in the left corner and turn around to defend the area by hiding behind the containers or vehicles in the near vicinity, then wait for the helicopter to arrive and try to shoot the swat team inside before they can descend to the ground.
    • When you exit out the back of the building, stay under the overhang to take cover behind the pillars and wait for the enemies to appear on top of the containers in the ship in front of you.
    • Drop the bags behind the warehouse and re-enter the building to continue defending it from the top of the staircase on the left.
    • Once you’ve dropped the first group of bags into the loot boat, stand back to back as team behind the nearby shipping container and eliminate any hostile that comes around the corner or appears on a ledge above.
    • Move as a team to retrieve the second group of bags and drop them back at the edge of the dock where you previously met with the loot boat, then defend the area until it comes to make another pick up.
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