Payday 2 Multiplayer Guide

Table of Contents

  • General Strategy Tips
  • Heists


    Day 1

    • When approaching the house from the driveway, you can find a safe entry point by moving around the left side of the building and dropping down the adjacent steps to enter the basement below.
    • You’ll find the caustic acid containers and the planks on either side of the refrigerator in the basement.
    • When climbing the stairs to the second floors, immediately turn around towards the right at the top to eliminate the enemy standing by the doorway in the corner.
    • In order to make the meth production go quicker, try to only eliminate the armed enemies during your siege of the second floor and leave the men wearing yellow suits alive as they have more experience with cooking.
    • Once you have control of the second floor, approach the broken windows to board them up and secure the house even further in preparation for having to defend it.
    • When defending the second floor of the house, the best place to post up is at the top of the staircase and aim your weapon at the bottom step to eliminate the enemies approaching from below.
    • If you are equipped with a laser tripwire, place it on the second floor balcony outside so that the beam completely blocks the pathway to the door.
    • As long as your team remains upstairs, you can also defend the house from behind the kitchen counter on the first floor.
    • During the third round of cooking meth, remain on the outside balcony to guard the door and stand your ground no matter what since you will still be able to take advantage of the bottlenecked walkway even after being gunned down.
    • When the required amount of meth has been collected, a simple escape from the house can be made by exiting through the door diagonally opposite from the kitchen area on the first floor and by moving forward around the right side of the nearby shed to drop onto the next pathway below, then follow it around to reach the street at the end and approach the van beside you

    Day 2

    • The first way to complete this mission is the simplest as long as you have the required number of meth bags and can resist firing your weapon. All you have to do is drop the meth off at the pick-up truck, ascend to the second floor of the indicated building, retrieve the information from the gang leader and return to the escape van.
    • The second way to complete this mission is by returning to the pick-up truck after receiving the information and positioning the rest of the team at the back of it, then aim your weapon at the two nearest thugs and have your men start stealing the meth back. Pick off the two guards and duck behind the pickup truck to avoid gunfire coming from the previous building, then quickly sprint back to the escape van without being killed.
    • The third way to complete this mission is by quickly mowing down the men at the pick-up truck and using the vehicle as cover to open fire on the rest of the enemies that emerge from the building’s entrance ahead, then enter the hideout as a team to clear the hallways and staircases until you can secure the office at the top. Hold down the office by guarding the doorway or firing down out of the windows until you can retrieve the information from the safe and escape back to the van.

    Day 3

    • When the mission begins, move forward along the sidewalk between the railings on the left and stay crouched down to approach the bus ahead without drawing any gunfire.
    • Attack the bus from behind the surrounding railings by firing through the windows and positioning team members on the other side for the sake of thoroughness, then enter the vehicle after clearing it to open the suitcases on the seats and collect the money inside.
    • Make sure you have the codes before taking the money on the bus, because they’re necessary for defusing the C4 devices hidden beneath the piles of cash.
    • Stay crouched down and avoid the doorways the entire time you occupy the bus to avoid being fired on from outside.
    • Once it’s time to escape and exit the bus, stay low to travel back down the sidewalk between the railings that line the bridge and toss each one of the money bags ahead of you as you go to transport them safely.
    • Wait for the first opening in the railing ahead to to take cover around the adjacent car and fire on any approaching policemen to clear the bridge.
    • Work as a team so that while two of you are using the cars on the bridge as cover, the other two are transporting the money bags down the sidewalk and into the helicopter at the end.
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