Payday 2 Multiplayer Guide

Table of Contents

  • General Strategy Tips
  • Heists


    • The simplest way to enter the club is by approaching the bouncer at the entrance and waiting until he finally decides to wave you through the front doors.
    • To put on your mask and start your heist as covertly as possible, use the staff door beside the bar to cross through the kitchen and enter the stock room to hide behind the shelves in the back left corner. Once the heist begins, you can remain in this location to ambush enemies that pass through the room and hide their bodies in the adjacent alley outside.
    • It is easier to drill through the boss’ door in the storage room rather than acquiring the keycard, since you can keep an eye on the process from behind the shelves in the corner and deal with any threats that enter the room quietly.
    • If you enter the kitchen from the left side of the bar, move through the doorway in the opposite right corner to discover an illegal poker game and take the participants hostage to steal the money off the table.
    • To quickly acquire the keycard for the boss’ office, immediately ambush the illegal poker game upon entering the nightclub and search the body of the man wearing a black leather jacket after capturing or killing him.
    • Unless you find multiple guards in the boss’ office, one of the best ways to secure this area is by crouching near the top of the staircase with a silenced pistol and wait for everyone to be distracted before popping up to quietly take them hostage or score a few headshots if necessary.
    • Aside from the safe in the boss’ office, you’ll also find stacks of cash scattered across the desk beside it.
    • Once you’ve started drilling into the safe, cross to the opposite corner of the office so you can turn around to monitor any malfunctions and keep watch for enemies ascending the staircase.
    • If the police are called as you drill into the office safe, you’ll need to also keep watch on the skylight in room for swat members that coming crashing through the glass from above.
    • After you’ve finished cracking the safe and the van has arrived downstairs, place all of the money bags directly in front of the window above the vehicle so you can transport them out of the office as quickly as possible once the glass is broken and the alarm is inevitably raised.
    • The quickest escape that can be made from the boss’ office is by specifically jumping out the right corner of the window that overlooks the dance floor, smashing through the pane of glass in front of you to exit out the front entrance on the other side and sprinting into the alley across the street to reach the van.
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