Payday 2 Multiplayer Guide

Table of Contents

  • General Strategy Tips
  • Heists

    Framing Frame

    Day 1

    • Once the mission begins, you can gain quick entrance into the gallery by moving down the pathway that runs along the far right side of building and pick the lock of the first door on the left beside the bottom of the staircase to enter the bathroom inside.
    • Stay low the entire time you occupy the museum, unless the guard staff has already been subdued, and look both ways out of every doorway you exit to avoid being spotted by enemies patrolling the halls.
    • The best way to disable the security force is by drawing each one of them into the bathroom and taking them hostage or hiding behind the display walls in the gallery areas and eliminating guards as they come around corners with your silencer.
    • After downing each security guard, hide the bodies in the bathroom if possible and patch Bain through on their pagers to avoid raising suspicion.
    • Make sure you are only taking the art marked with red labels, because tampering with the other paintings will result in security bars coming down to protect all the pieces in the gallery. If this occurs, have the enforcer on your team use a saw to cut through the bars.
    • After removing each painting from the gallery, toss it into the bathroom until you are ready to make your escape out the rear door.

    Day 3

    • Have one member of the team interact with the laptop on the roof, while the others enter the apartment, then use the security camera feed to guide your allies past the guards or behind them for a silent kill and look for the necessary electronic items to highlight them in yellow.
    • The more paintings you stole on Day 1 and transferred on Day 2, the more camera feeds you’ll find available on Day 3
    • Rather than try to resolve this heist without conflict, you should eliminate the entire security force first so that there is plenty of freedom around the loft to complete the rest of the objectives
    • To find the hidden vault door on the top floor of the loft, look for the white and grey display shelf with two black bowls on top of it and make a right to activate the sliding bookcase at the end of the hall.
    • When transporting the gold out of the safe, work as a team so that one person is filling and tossing the bags while the other deactivates the red laser grid blocking the door each time it pops back on again.
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