Payday 2 Multiplayer Guide

Table of Contents

  • General Strategy Tips
  • Heists


    • Since this mission is built around causing as much damage as possible in as little time as possible, send each teammate to a different location within the mall before the masks are put on and meet back up as a group once the four locations have been trashed to prepare for the oncoming police assault.
    • Any player equipped with a saw has the ability to cut open the ATM machines and collect the cash inside.
    • Once the heist begins, use the enclosed stairwells to travel between the floors rather than the escalators to avoid exposure to police gunfire at all costs.
    • Look for locations with tons of breakable objects, such as the liquor store, then plant a trip wire somewhere near the merchandise or display cases and shoot the device to cause massive damage with an efficient explosion.
    • Use melee attacks to destroy the larger pieces of glass and save your bullets for fighting off the cops or causing destruction to more resilient property.
    • Look behind the counters in each store you enter to root through the cash registers and drill any safes that may be located there.
    • Rather than constantly doing battle with the police wave that arrives, you can also retreat from them by ducking into a store that hasn’t been trashed yet and remaining behind cover so that the missed shots the officers take only add to the destruction.
    • When defending yourself from the police assault, it is better to remain on the second floor for as long as possible since it supplies you with the high-ground advantage and you can pick off most of the officers during their ascent before they can reach the top of the surrounding escalators.
    • One of the best places to drop ammo or health bags is in the car display area on the second floor, because it’s easy to find if you need to find it quickly and the area behind the vehicle provides excellent protection while you take a moment to recover.
    • Once the police start arriving, watch the skylight above to defend yourself against any swat members who come crashing down through the glass.
    • When waiting for the helicopter’s arrival, take refuge in the room at the top of the enclosed stairwells to cover both entrances into this area with the help of teamwork and trip wires.
    • The worst place to take cover is the gym, because the objects inside offer minimum amounts of cover and it has a high number of opening for the police to rush or fire through.
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