Perfect World International: Genesis Interview

Launched in North America in 2008 after enjoying two years of success in Asia, Perfect World International is a fantasy MMORPG that stands apart from the pack with its traditional Chinese setting. Players choose from four races and eight classes as they fight their way across a mythical world, be it versus monsters or guilds of players in battles over land through the game‘s Territory War feature.

Set to release in less than two weeks, Perfect World International: Genesis is an expansion that promises to extend the game’s lifetime with new options, features, and improvements.

Trough an email interview, Jon Belliss, Director of Marketing at Perfect World Entertainment, provided further insight into this upcoming expansion.

GameFront: What changes are introduced in Genesis?

Jon Belliss: Genesis will introduce new features and content to players, including a new Earthguard race with two new classes, an updated user interface and guild bases. We will also be adding four new territories as well as be resetting the Territory War system.

GameFront: What do the Earthguard bring to PWI?

Jon Belliss: We wanted to create a new twist and keep things exciting for our players. With the ability to foresee the coming Apocalypse, the Earthguard have emerged to help their fellow denizens to rebuild the world. Players will be able to start as an Earthguard and learn more about Genesis as well as the origins of the Earthguard.

GameFront: What sorts of players were you targeting with the new Mystic and Seeker classes?

Jon Belliss: The Seeker class will appeal to those who like to deal damage up close and protect their fellow party members from enemies. Mystics will appeal to those who like to quest with a companion as well as possess the ability to heal themselves as well as fellow teammates.

GameFront: How does Genesis fit into the overall story arc of the previous updates to PWI? Is the new content only seen in the upper levels of play, or does it affect all players?

Jon Belliss: Genesis is set in the aftermath of the fulfillment of the Pan Gu prophecy, which foretold the end of Perfect World. As a result, a new race called the Earthguard emerges from beneath the ground to help their fellow denizens to rebuild the world. For the most part, this will only impact the Earthguard and their new starting zone. What will impact all races will be the resetting of the Territory War system, which will leave all of the territories up for grabs to any guild.

GameFront: The word “genesis” generally refers to an origin or creation, yet the plot speaks of a coming apocalypse. Can you shed light on the choice of title for this expansion?

Jon Belliss: We tried a lot of names at the time. Apocalypse, Rebirth, even Cataclysm, but the last one was taken apparently. Originally the Perfect World International expansion was named 2012 in China; however we really wanted to put the emphasis that this is a new beginning for both old and new players alike. Genesis came up and it really felt right for the game.

GameFront: How will guilds acquire bases? Are there quests associated with this new system?

Jon Belliss: Guild bases will be purchasable, but will be restricted to level 3 guilds, which have a 200 member limit. Once acquired, guild members can complete daily quests to help upgrade the different wings of their guild base. There will be four wings, which will unlock various faction-specific content including quests, fashions, skill books, equipment and items.

GameFront: Why is the UI being redesigned?

Jon Belliss: The user interface is getting a bit of a face lift. Since launching in 2008, we’ve listened to player feedback and have incorporated much of it into streamlining the user interface to be more intuitive and up to date.

GameFront: What are some of the key improvements made to the UI?

Jon Belliss: One of the improvements to the user interface was to give the main menu icons a refresh. Previously, they were small and hard to click on, especially when displayed in a high resolution, so by increasing the size and changing the graphics for the icons, the main menu is not only clearer, but also more intuitive. The entire user interface has been given a fresh new look and we’re really excited to see what the player’s think.

Perfect World International: Genesis comes out March 2nd, 2011.

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