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Bethesda marketing boss Peter Hines has been talking shop regarding Fallout 3 this morning, which is expected to launch sometime this Fall for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Some of the things covered include DLC, comparisons to Oblivion, PC specs, framerates, and the Xbox 360. Instead of giving you a complete rundown of the whole interview, I will just post exactly what he said so that no misinterpretations will be made.When speaking on DLC for Fallout 3, he stated that it was a possibility but that at the moment all efforts are entirely focused on finishing the game.

“Given how successful it was for us on Oblivion, certainly it’s a given that we’ll look into it and what we’d like to do.But I can’t tell you when, I can’t tell you what it would be, or what it would look like. Will it be bigger stuff like Knights of the Nine or smaller stuff? We’ve no idea. We’ll let folks know once we get down the road. Obviously we’ve done very well with [DLC] on Oblivion, but the big thing for us is that we’re still working on content for the game itself, and so all our designers and artists are pretty much totally engaged with that. So, until we’re done with that part of the process, we don’t ever think about whatever they’re going to be creating or whatever they’re going to be doing [after the game's finished].”

When talking about the PC version of the game, Hines stated that it should have the same technical prowness that Oblivion had but that it is too early in the developmental phase to be discussing specs for the PC:

“The goal is that it’s similar to what Oblivion was for its time. So, it’s not Crysis but it’s not solitary, and hopefully it’s as scalable as possible. So if you’ve got a shit-hot machine and you’ve got all the latest video cards, and whatnot, then it’ll look amazing, but if you’ve got a standard gaming rig then it still runs good. I can’t tell you what [the specs] are yet. We don’t really hone in on what that’s going to be until we get into optimisation. Right now we’re still messing with a lot of stuff.”

He also revealed the development team’s goals as to frame rates which the aim is at 30 per second for all three ports:

“Thirty frames a second is our goal, so it’s running at 30 frames a second and it’s nice and smooth [for PC]. Yeah that’s our goal [frame rates across the board]. Right now we’re doing all the optimisation stuff. We’re still in the mode where we’re adding and changing content! Once we’re done changing content, then we can go back through and say, ,OK, this is what the game’s going to look like,’ and [look at] where we can optimise the loading, and stuff like that.’”

Now comes the part where PS3 fanboys will be crawling out of the woodwork to cry a little, even though it has nothing to do with Bethesda preferring one console over the other -someone, somewhere, somehow will take this the wrong way.

When speaking of the console version of Fallout 3, Hines had this to say:

“The 360 is our lead development platform, so we got it working on that one first. I mean, we develop them all simultaneously, but one of them’s got to be the lead, so it was 360. We had a year’s head start on the 360 because it came out a year earlier, so we had final dev hardware to work with earlier on than we did with PS3. But as this point all three of them are pretty much on par. The goal is that, if I get three versions in here and hide the console or PC and just had them running on the screen, that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

So there ya have it folks. More on Peter Hines’ interview can be found on Videogaming247 who seem rightly impressed with what they have seen of Fallout 3 this morning – as much as I enjoy their gaming site, I can’t help but hate them a little for getting to see it in action.

Thanks: Videogaming247

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